To the children of revolution

You are almost there. The see them for what they are. The armies and police forces around the world who have

protected them so often in the past have had their moment of clarity. They will no longer stand in front of

the gates of hell like a two-headed Cerberus. The realization that their actions are unhuman and don’t

have the best interest of humanity in mind when they ran this world has become known. YOU

HAVE TO KILL THEM ALL. It sounds brutal because it is. Because you are thinking of using a velvet glove I am

going to remind you of why a metal gauntlet is required . Regardless of what year or generation you

are from the chances of your ancestors subjugated in one form or another is highly likely. The powerful may

not have invented racism, sexism, homophobia or any of the myriad of social ills but they have used them

to divide us into factions. You now know that white Michael fights black Johnny not because of “race” issues

but because distracting the masses with trivial issues is advantageous for them. They have made past generations

fear and hate diversity to make outsiders out of people who didn’t fit the parameters of “normal”. Because of

the sacrifice of a few brave men and women the names of our former controllers are known to the world and the

powerful no longer move in secret and shadowy environments. But know this: THEY MUST ALL DIE. Not one man

woman or child of the ultra privileged can escape humanity’s retribution. You all act out of justice and not

vindication of the past crimes against humankind and the world we inhabit. You are on the cusp of world collapse.

THEY ALL MUST PERISH FOR THE SURVIVAL OF FUTURE GENERATIONS. Use the pain of the past and the hope of the

future to do what must be down.