I’m not gonna do that.

 I’ve had my mind blown with some of the shit people let slide because a person is famous or talented. Why  Woody Allen has ever been allowed to do another movie is simply beyond my scope to understand.

Roman Polanski drugged and rape a 13 year old girl. How many movies has he made since this crime?

 How in the fuck can black people give R Kelly a pass? Because he’s one of us? I’m from Chicago and I’d heard rumors about that nigga picking high school girls as far back as the early 90’s.But those were just stories it’s not like we have a tape of him fucking a young girl……BUT WE DO!!!!! I honestly don’t understand why this motherfucker is breathing our air.HE WAS KNOWINGLY FUCKING A MINOR ON TAPE! Does anyone remember when he was trying to say that was his brother on TAPE not him? What the fuck indeed.

Am suppose to believe nearly fifty women colluded to set Bill Cosby up on some illuminati theory BS? You couldn’t get fifty people to agree on the color of the sky let alone conspire OVER decades to “get” Cosby because he is rich and black? Do you know how dumb that actually sounds? When was the last time he was relevant?

Simply put I dont care who you are I will never back a pedophile, rapist or abuser on the grounds of race,creed, color or how much I enjoy their entertainment. 

As a rational adult on the planet earth I’ve come to understand that there are very few black and white view points in the world but rape should never be a grey area.