I call BULLSHIT on voting


You almost had me Bernie Sanders. You almost had me believing that the American two

party system was a real thing and that my voted actually counted. But as I took a

shower I had an small revelation (no not the religious kind) for all the pomp and

circumstance surrounding your bid for the presidency I have no idea WHO THE FUCK YOU

ARE. I don’t recalled hearing your name three years ago anywhere about anything not

once (You know like Obama before he blew up). What did you say? he fought for civil

right? So did Jesse Jackson and I wouldn’t elect that nigga to run a dog kennel.

Someone figured they couldn’t roll out another “cool” black man so they did the exact

opposite. They rolled out a uncool old Jew aided with a youthful campaign around him

to sucker democrats in. I’m not biting that apple or drinking the bernieaid. TRUMP?!?

Please tell me you aren’t that dumb? Yes you would be dumb to even consider voting for

a man who speaks him mind. Your grandfather speaks his mind. A three year old speaks

his mind. You want to vote for a man who speaks his mind because he is rich and a

celebrity? Are you that stupid America? I would elect a plumber who owns his own

company for the past thirty without having to file bankruptcy ever then Trump. That

man who speaks his mind has a better track record then Donald Trump. America if you

want an “EVERY MAN” who says what he feels regardless of the situation GO FIND ONE

because Donald Trump clearly isn’t it. No more Clintons or Bushes in the office either.

America you are like that toddler who hasn’t realized that touching an iron or eating

marbles is bad for you after the first or second time. You may never learn.


I don’t any other languages so I have to way of making it any clearer then that. When I
mean life I don’t just mean the human condition I am referring the existence of every
living thing on four legs, two legs and anything with flippers. A prime example for me
was when I realized that dogs may actually get ptsd

Nationality: Are you kidding me?


I have never understood the pride so many people have for their country of

origin and I have no real justifiable reason to ever be a patriot. You live

were you do because your parents happen to fuck in that particular geographic

area. I see a lot who have love for their country and always say it’s the

most beautiful place on earth. Really Mexico? Really Iran? I call bullshit

on you to Ireland. So you have a lot of green scenery who gives a fuck! Indiana

has a lot of grass and pasty whites too and fuck if I want to live there

(On a side note I’ve imbibed with an Irishman and I drunk that bitch under

the table without actually trying) I’m from Illinois and outside of the

Chicagoland area it’s a shit hole. I realize that some of my disdain for

American nationalism in particular and nationalism in general this due in part

that I am a black man and thus a member of a disenfranchised group. So what’s

your excuse? Most of you aren’t white men from old moneyed families but your

kids will get their legs shot from under them in the name of some form of

national pride. I’m sorry did you say something about your rights and the

constitution? How can you have rights if they can be taken away? You have

privileges. Like most things that don’t benefit the majority of mankind the

concept of national identity is an invention of those in power. Some chieftain

somewhere in history was trying to figure out how to get the common people to at

least co sign his invasion of the neighboring city-state. I can see him now

telling his people who they were clearly superior because they worshipped

their gods the right way or something very similar. Who doesn’t what to be

told that they are better than the next man? And thus the reasoning for

taking other people’s shit and national pride is born. The only title I truly

claim is a man from Earth. The rest are labels of division to have us look

at the man next to you and focus on his devious plot to take your stuff while

your pocket is being picked by the same people that tricked your grandfather

in the same fashion.