Ever so helpful


I can’t seem to remember a time when people weren’t EVER SO HELPFUL at the stores whenever I

enter. As a child I can recall how the minute my friends and I would enter the local corner store (it

was called Crispino’s if im not mistaken) at least one worker would make it their business to guide my

friends and I through the intricacies of a overpriced family run store. They would be at our beck and call

if we needed anything as they were just around the corner gazing intently at my childhood chums and I.

The Asians and people of middle eastern extraction were even more helpful. They would stand on chairs

to make sure you were in the right aisle for the things that you came into the store with a pocket full

of money for. They would even have their wives and children help them help us. I recollect a time while

shopping for shorts at Venture that a worker who was disguised as a fellow shopper (I assume to make my

experience that much more enjoyable) trailed me very closely in case I needed anything when a elderly

woman asked me for assistance. Being unfamiliar with that particular store I referred her to the

undercover worker who was a few feet away from me. But I didn’t understand why he was so irate when I

pointed the older woman in his direction. Even recently as a few months ago when my oldest son and I

ventured into the Kroger near my former place of employment for a few items. It was cold and we both

had our hoodies on and that must have been a clear indication that we were in dire need of assistance.

A manager weaved in and out of aisles to make sure he was on hand if we needed anything. People are

EVER SO HELPFUL whenever I enter a store. I wondered if they will be that helpful in my waning years?