Fuck the elders

I’m sorry did I stutter? What I meant to say was MOTHERFUCK THE ELDERS “Respect your

elders.” is a phrase a lot of older assholes say. No one ever explained to me why I should.

The best explanation I every got was a from an older woman who informed me that I

“Should respect your mother because she could have killed you.” WHAT THE FUCK? is what I

thought. Considering most people are accidents I honestly think that the elders

should be apologizing for putting us on the planet without much regard for our

feelings. The truth is your parents are selfish fuckers who were trying to cum

and you happened along. Before you say it YES as a matter of fact I do love my mother.

I just see the truth for what it is. I did not plan on having any of my kids. I am

glad they happened but daddy and mommy were trying to cum and have a good night’s


Old people are nothing more then adults who are closer to death then you. That is

why they go to church more.

Fuck Tom Brokaw and his so called greatest generation of Americans. Because they won

a war and moved to the suburbs? Were they less racist or sexist when they got back

from killing Japs and Krauts? (their language not mine)