Hooker visit

A friend/ family member (long story short grand dad had another family) had a hot

looking Hispanic hooker or “lady friend” that he had meet previously. She lived in a small

housing project that was on Diversey. Maybe it was not as housing projects but that is what it

looked like to me. When we walked over to her she was talking to a guy who had the

mannerisms of a really gay man. Ty talked to his thirty minute girlfriend and haggled what price

was to be paid for what was to be done to her or him. They went upstairs to further discuss

there “terms” and I decided to have a seat that the hooker had recently removed her round ass

from and wait for the contract to be serviced. the gay decided to engaged me in conversation to

pass the time until his girlfriend was done. I have never been one to turn down a conversation

especially with someone so different from me. We started to shoot the shit on a few topics if I

remember correctly . Everything was fucking peachy until he said something that caught me off


“You know we can go in the back and I could suck your dick if you want.”

I gesture a lot when I having a conversation I am passionate about or know a lot about (i.e.

comics) so as he finished his statement my hand was in midair and it took my mind a few

seconds to respond to it. I think I mumbled something like “Uh, no thanks I’m good.” to which

he replied “It won’t take that long. We can go right in the back and I will take care of you.”

Three things popped into mind after the latest offer. ONE: I had already said no thanks why

does this fatherfucker have to be so aggressive. TWO: why in the fuck can’t this be a woman. I

would throat choke an old ugly woman if she had casually asked if she could smell my musky

hair up close and personnel as this flamer just proposed. THREE: Was this fag trying to insult me

by saying it would not take that long if I let him suck my dick because I had no control over my dick

or was he saying that he was that good and I wouldn’t last that long? what the fuck! “No no I’m

good I’m just waiting for Tyrone to finish and were’re going home.” As I said that I could hear

the bed he and his hooker were doing the beast with two backs on. I sent very a strong

telepathic messages to Tyrone {hurry the fuck up nigga!} The look Mr. blowjob had on his face

was one of insult. How dare I turn down a blowjob from him ! He looked me up and down and I

could tell he was looking for something on my body to make fun of. For some reason he

decided to focus on my feet which were in sandals that the time. “I bet you have a small dick

anyway what size are those shoes a four? I snickered just a little “these are size twelve’s.”

“More like a five I bet you dick is teeny tiny” I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I can

totally tune a person out while looking straight into the person’s face, it’s a useful gift. By the

time word “tiny” was finish the gay guy might as well have been an adult from a Charlie Brown

cartoon. I shot more daggers of urgency to the hooker fucker to get it moving before the fag

pulls out a knife or something because. If it had come to violence between me and a man who

apparently sucks dicks on a regular basis I was going to run my ass off. In 93′ I was afraid of

anybody bleeding on me let alone the cock mouth in front of me. If my grandmother had bled

on me back then I would have freaked the fuck out. Sweaty faced Tyrone walked out the front

door. I stood up quickly and began to walk slightly ahead of him. I told him what happen while I

he was getting his dick wet. He thought that was the funniest thing of all time.