nigga’s vs black people

Let me first start off by saying if you make less than one hundred and fifty thousand a year( and I don’t

count doing a ungodly amount of over time) you are what I call a socio economic nigger. Don’t be

ashamed if you are most of the people I know are. It just means in the eyes of conservative republicans

you don’t make enough to be treated like a human and your children are cannon fodder for wars we

have no business being in (sorry that diatribe is for another chapter)

The black people versus nigga debate has been done but this is my owned slanted view. Most black

aren’t going to like me writing this down and letting the world know our major problem in black

America are niggas plain and simple. It is my contention that fifty percent of the black people living in

America today are……….Niggas. When I say nigga I don’t mean poor people. Flavor flav, half the black

sports stars, most of the rap stars you see on Mtv (I said rap not hip hop there is a difference) are for the

most part niggas. A poor black man or woman who will steal food or commit a small crime to get their family

thru another day. a nigga will take what is not his to buy a new pair of Nikes. A nigga will deal drugs to

live the life he sees on tv or listens to on some gangsta rap bull shit. A smart black will deal drugs to

accumulate wealth so that his children and grandchildren never have to dirty their hands. That black

person is leaving a legacy just like a Kennedy. The nigga goes to jail never the be with his family. I grew

poor as hell and I have done “nigga moves” on three or four time occasions tops. When it comes down

you are a nigga if you want to be. In conclusion, Michael Vick a rich nigga who couldn’t leave the ghetto

behind. Oprah Winfrey, well you now her story. Black people GOOD niggas BAD.

While I’m at it screw you OJ Simpson. You kill two white people and don’t have the common sense to stay

out of the lime light. That’s a dumb nigga move if I ever seen one. Did you think they would forget you

killed your white ex wife and her Jewish boyfriend and think it was safe to come out and play again?

Really? Robert Blake had his wife killed and you haven’t seen one hair on his wife killing head. OJ

Simpson = nigga

white people problems / black people problems: extreme edition


White people problem 1: GETTING LOST IN THE WILD. At least six times a year a white

person (sometimes a group of them) get lost at sea or Yellowstone or a snowy forest

or a sun scorched desert or just taking a nice walk in a wooded area. Some Whites

seem to be either bored or adventurous when it comes to taking a vacation or just

having fun which is why I suspect they wind up with their arms stuck under rocks

for a extended period. I still have a hard time believing they made that into a

movie. This is the black equivalent of a movie starring a guy trying to evade child

support payments. We can’t you just go to the Smithsonian? Get it together Tad!


Look Tyrone I know you want to go out and party with your homies and have a good

time but you need to consider a few things. Do any of your home boys happen to be

in a gang that necessitate them carrying a gun for protection and raise the chance

that you may catch a hot one by mistake? Are you going a place where sometimes

“misunderstandings” happen frequently (like every weekend) namely clubs,

parties, baby showers, funerals, er rooms, movie theaters, shopping malls, and

of course Walmart. Will there be people there known to “jump shit off” on a



SMART THE POLICE. Scott Petersen, Drew Petersen, Jason Young, Steve Acuna,

Steven Sherer, Susan Smith, Fred Neulander,Craig Rabinowitz, Michele Williams

Pamela Moss. I know what you are going to say white people “all races kill

you ignorant bastard!” You would be right of course but this isn’t about

killers. This is about white people trying to make a murder look like an

tragic accident (a fall in a dry tub) or reporting your wife missing when you

know good and well the person is in not in Vegas living the good life. Some

whites goes as far as blaming the scary ubiquitous black man who not only car

jacks you and your pregnant wife but manages to shoot her dead while only grazing

your temple? Do yourself a favor Tad and just get a divorce.


Is there a legitimate reason why so many black men lie down with several women

have more then a few children littered over several area codes and don’t provide

for then financially, emotionally, and a physical presence in the life of their

seeds? FUCK NO. The “white devil is holding me down” speech was old when I was a

kid. There is more financial aid for the average poor person then anyone “middle

class” Getting hooked on crack and letting your old tired mother raise another

generation of blacks is always going to be a hit or miss. Some of these women can

rise to the occasion and some are just overwhelmed. Watching your kids screw up to the

point where you have to look after your grand babies has got to be daunting and

frustrating. That is a job I would not want.


BE RACIST OR VERY INSULTING. Everyone on this planet knows that whites control

the majority of what occurs on this planet. You would think that kind of power

and entitlement would make them magnanimous. You would be wrong. America has

been in control of the white race since it was stolen fair and square from the

red man. Yet nearly every week I can find a new joke or slur directed toward one

race or another. You seem to have a callous disregard for the native people

you ran over and the slaves you brought here. Is this the act of a true conqueror?

A part of me knows that this is a response to the average white man feeling

marginalized in this new world. A lot of brown people seem to be gaining in strength

and numbers but that does not equate to wealth and power. Let me tell you something

to ease your unease. You will always be in power in America and most of the world.

You may lose some power to the asians but for the most part you will be in control for the

foreseeable future. You own it all so fucking relax, have a cigar and act like

the conquerors you are and stop it with all the mud people jokes. Be above it


SAYS SOMETHING YOU DON’T WANT HEAR. Not everything that a asshole white person

does is not based on the fact that your are black. Maybe that shitty white person

is having a especially shitty day. Maybe his wife left him, maybe he found out his

son was gay and he can’t handle it. Maybe this white cashier has been told to check

all bills over twenty dollars and she is not doing it because your black. Not all

white cops are super racist and pulled your over because you have a pretty white

women in the passenger seat. Maybe you were speeding. Maybe your tail light is

out. Maybe little Jamarcus got a f in class because he wasn’t paying attention

and not the obviously racist second grade math teacher. A lot of white people

are not racist. Some just have no fucking clue of how to interact with us. Give

him or her the benefit of the doubt before you jump in that ass. If you find out

that they simply don’t like black people the you have my permission to light

their asses the fuck up.

Pc bull shit or the day I woke up African-American

On one day in my early teens I got up washed my hands, face and feet, brushed my gum holes and set

out to school. After school I either hung out with my friends or went straight home to do my home

work. Dinner was made by someone and I ate it. Knowing how I was at that age I’d probably spanked it

before I went to bed. That night I went to bed as a young black man living in America. That morning I

woke up an African American. What happened in that time span to change who I knew I was for

fourteen / fifteen years to an African American.

Some black and white liberals I’m sure (bet my man marbles Jesse Jackson had something to do with it

too) decide blacks in America needed a new name to separate themselves from the rest of the country.

The dark skin, big lips and nose not enough huh? How come no one told me we were having a vote on

this? No one told anyone I knew about the name change either and would have liked to have had a say.

How about the EX SLAVES? AFRO-NUBIANS would have been pretty damn cool. The Blackacons sounds

futuristic. For better or worse and in all honesty mostly better I am a black American.

“African American” to me is a divisive word. My ancestors have been in this country for quite some time

helping to build this nation and some asshole comes along and decides to put African in front of my

American. African American does not take away the sting of the word nigger, not even close. African

American separates black from the rest of American. We all come from African so is it ok if I call one of a

white friends African German American? That sounds stupid to me and using the word African American

describe descendants of formers slaves in America sounds unnecessary and just plain pc bullshit. When

you see me in the store and you remove your hand bag from the shopping cart to tightly under your arm

do you say “Gee that African American was scary” or “Damn that black guy scared the hell out of me!”

SOMETHING IS WRONG (Or jesus christ that guy is whiny!!)

With the way this planet is being run. Something is wrong with the way humans have been treating

each other since our man ape forefathers took that tentative step done from the tree and first placed

his foot on solid earth. Thousands of years horror and atrocity in the name of many gods,politics, land

and out and out greed. My personal hope is that we are still in our infancy as a intelligent species of

primate because the alternative is that we are so so so so so so fucked. Can you imagine if the violent

ape known as man were to leave this planet and discover a world full of diamonds, gold, or an

infinite source of fuel or free labor (that’s code for slaves people) with only one thing impeding them,

the people who inhabit that planet. Just ask the Indians what happens when people with better

technology and treaties want something of your’s. All of a sudden you have a new god and new way to

speak and you’re no longer on top of the food chain.

We have believed in something beyond this life before we had cities and that has not kept us from

treating our brothers and sister like shit to be used and disgarded like so much trash. Clearly

religion is not the answer. If it had the answers some of the mysteries of life it would have been explained

by now. Some guy in the past (it had to be a man) decided to sit down and write all of the oral stories

on paper in a way that suited him and the people whom he conspired with others around him

and abracadabra! You have a major religion. Over time they weed out the parts that no longer jive with

the ideology of the time period. I can promise you that the bible as you know will have been altered in

five hundred years.

Something is wrong with the humanity or we are being steered to oblivion by the people who control us.

I don’t know you but I think we really need to change to way we think and act on a global level. When I

got a loan from the bank to buy a house my wife and I signed documents for “money” that I never saw

with my own eyes. I pay interest on electronic money that was transferred from one money changer to

other. This world system of finance is not for the benefit of majority of the world. I refuse to believe

that there is not “money” to go around were we all can live in a comfortable abode. Nothing fancy just

enough to get by with a little to spare. Don’t get me wrong there will always be people who will strive

for more out of live and if they work for it they should have it. But because a person has more money

and better connections does not give them the right or privilege to govern the people who just want a

simple and happy life. Powerful men and women who you will never see pull the strings of government

officials around the world to manipulate things as they see fit regardless of the outcome to you and your

loved ones, in other they don’t give a fuck about you.

Americans have never had a true democracy and you rights are only privledges that you will happily

give up when someone threatens your way of life or taken away without you realizing it. Not one

single person on this planet who’s family has not been in a position of power for quite some time

has ever truly been free, sorry. Being just a number on a paper myself I can empathize but lets

be honest some of the daily horror is in fact partly of your own doing. There should never be one

staving person on this earth. If people outside of America saw how much food I use to throw away on a

regular basis they would in all likelihood cry. You can show me a picture of a hungry bloated

belly black baby but you can’t feed him and his family. On the other hand little white

girls and women in America and Europe are starving themselves because of some misguided and bullshit

body image issue holy shit pity party for the poor little rich girl!

A good education is the best way to combat lies and misinformation. Indoctrination is what have.

People are taught to hate and ridicule the day we enter kindergarten. Have you ever stop to truly

think what is at stake if we let these people take us further down the shit storm then we already have?

Of course not Real Housewives is on. We have let unstable egotistical alpha males and females run our

world based on how well they give a speech (Hitler,Obama) and how much fear they can instill in you

when they blame your problems on the enemy ie, blacks,whites jews, liberals,gays, breeders,jesus fans,

atheist neo conservaitives, immigrants, mexicans, arabs, aryans,tree hugging hippes, cigar chommping

fucking business men (pick whatever brings out the irrational hate in you) or some perceived

social ill ( the rain forest, teen pregnancy, hip hop, charlie manson, drugs, pollution, Eminem,award

shows,Brittney Spears, terrorism and of course Flava Flav)We are being led down a path hate,

stupidity and fear and if we don’t climb out of the muck, overthrow the controllers of this world and

evolve into the true caretakers of our brothers and sisters and this planet we will degenerate into

something out of THE ROAD (I read the book first). Will there always be hate, avarice, and prejudice in

the human animal of course but I think if we really tried we could harness love and a willingness to help

ourselves just as easily. We don’t have to be like this.