Comics tobg: why I tend to make mine marvel

If I am to be honest with myself and look at the books that have awed and inspired me

more I would have to go with Marvel. Let’s just break it down to books and characters

I enjoyed in the 80’s


Fall of the mutants Fearful symmetry secret wars

scourge of the underworld frog Thor/body armor Thor

Avengers annual 10 Xmen annual 10

Avenger mansion invaded/fight gods of Olympus

Venom Captain America annual 8 Handbook of the marvel universe deluxe edition

The punisher miniseries #1 Beta Ray Bill New Warriors

New Mutants Cloak and Dagger Typhoid Mary John Byrne run FF

Whilce Portacio’s run on the Punisher (which got me seriously collecting comics)

Ron Lim’s run on Silver Surfer vol.3 and Captain America Excalibur Armor wars

Taskmaster Blackheart Microchip etc etc I could go on


The Great Darkness saga Crisis on infinite Earths The Judas contract

Deathstroke The new Teen Titans, Nightwing A death in the family

Norm Breyfogle’s run on detective comics the killing joke Vigilante

For me Marvel has always been the best hands down winner. I will run comparisons

for the 90’s and 00’s later