Too long,too costly, and certainly not fair

The vast majority of my outlooks on life are very liberal with the exception of a few. In this blog

I’ll focus on the main difference between me and some liberals. The belief in the right for state and

citizens to put down those who should not be sharing our oxygen. I do not mean every person

on death row or every person convicted of it. Killers who have irrefutable proof against them

would be dead in less than a year. A perfect example is John Wayne Gacy. It took the state of

Illinois well over ten years to give him a shot of “night night keep your but hole tight”. If you

have bodies buried in your crawl space you should be dragged from your home kicking and

screaming and beat to death with claw hammers and aluminum bats

I like to start off by saying the way we put people down is entirely too expensive. A bullet in

the head is not costly. Why not just leave them tied to stakes outside and let nature take its

course. Burying a multiple killer alive sounds cost effective to me. Victims’ families should have

the right to their pound of flesh also. If they wanted to dispatch this person themselves in

my world they would be more then welcome to beat that person within an each of their life.

I understand that some people are legally insane but I simply don’t give a fuck to be honest.

Putting a woman like Andrea Yeats in a hospital for the rest of her life seems like a slap in the

face of natural justice and her wet dead children. I would also put her husband in jail for quite

some time. He was the closest adult to her and the father of her children and he knew that

something was seriously wrong with her. He knew she had severe post partum depression with

their fourth child so why in your god’s name would you get her pregnant again. He is almost as

culpable as she is. In summary the crazy fucks get a bullet too.

Serial rapist and pedophiles for the most part can’t be reformed so why even waste time. I’ve

always been big on revenge so again the victims and or their family come into play again.

Whatever they want to do to the person would be acceptable. I not sure what would be a

fitting punishment for men who steal the innocence and trust of a child and turn them into

used goods before they reach their teens. I guess if I could promise the families a fresh rape for

the molester with an ever larger penis each week I would be comfortable.