Ed stories


Before my brother began avoiding legitimate jobs like the plague he actually held a few that

must have been at least decent. The first year that we lived on 16th and Kominsky he got a car.

Unlike most men I am not a big car guy so I can tell you with a degree of uncertainity that I think

the car was a Monte Carlo 83′ to 86′ maybe. The car was pretty fucking nice to be honest. Who

had ever owned it kept it in good condition and the black finish was pretty good too. He gave

us all a ride and my mother stated that she wanted him to take her to the store to get

groceries. Ed agreed and he left. After not seeing him for the next few days my mother became

nervous. The next time we saw him he didn’t have the car anymore. He told my mother that he

drove it in a ditch and just left it there. The story sounded like bullshit because it was bullshit.

What person is going to leave a car in a ditch and just say “Oh well I guess it’s back to public

transportation for me.” when you’ve had the car less than two weeks. My mother could never

get the truth out of him as to what actually happened so we came up with our own theories as to

what transpired. We came up with two possibilities on the mystery of the vanishing car. One

was the person who sold the car to my brother was not actually the owner and either the cops

picked him up or the owner of said car found his rightful property. Two: he went on a drug

binge and sold the car for crack or heroin. I know what some of you are thinking maybe he got

car jacked ? Car jacking is nothing new where I was born and nothing to really be ashamed of if

two niggas roll up on you and put a gun to your face and threaten to blow your head off. Unless

of course you were somewhere you did not belong (crack house).


The mother’s friend lived next to us on the first floor. On the second was a woman who lived

there with her son who I am pretty sure had Down Syndrome. She was plain but had a nice pair

of tits. The two houses must have been very similar because the windows on the second floors

matched up perfectly. We normally had a blanket over the window but it must have fallen

down or something because this woman was looking in directly at me. The incident happened

in the morning while I was getting ready for school. I don’t remember not having morning wood

in those days and so I’m pretty sure I had a hard on as she watched me change my clothes to

get ready for school. I hadn’t notice someone was watching me until I had most of my clothes

on. It didn’t bother me much that a older lady was looking at me but I had kind of wished she

had been prettier looking. I told everyone about this of course and my mother seemed to be a

little pissed about. My older brother Ed went over there and fucked her. Weeks later I can

recall him telling me she was crazy and not in a good way. She would fuck him and then try

to kicked his ass seconds later. Oh well better him then me.

That is what you get !!

The eighth grade graduation is pretty big in the poor urban communities because a lot of the

times that is the only graduation you will have. Before the graduation you of course have a

dinner that takes place a few weeks before. It is more of a prom for children where you get to

dress up, dance and have fun. My mother scrapped some money together and took me to Jew

town (yes, I said Jew Town) to get some formal clothes for the dinner and graduation. Back in

the day when I got something fresh I would look at it in my closet or drape it across a bed and

admire it. Apparently Older brother coveted my clothes also because that motherfucker wore

the outfit that I was going to were to the dinner before I ever got a chance to rock it. Things

like that you never forget because an asshole has fucked up your plans with callous disregard. The

motherfucker just sported my clothes and took a big dump in my face for what? He was dating

some ugly chicken head and he wanted to impress her. I was pissed but not enough to fight so I

did the next best thing, I told my mother. She talked to him but nothing came of it. But I got the

last laugh on him. That ugly chicken head gave birth to three of his kids and became a bane to

his existence and he avoided legal jobs for the majority of his adult life as to not pay child

support. So even though the bastard neglected to even wash my clothes after he wore them I

like to think those same clothes cursed him. Did I mention I was a petty man?