On the redline again: will adrian abuse the homeless?


I know what you are thinking why would a person who has love and compassion for

the disenfranchised of our society hurt one of the poor untouchables. When one

of those nasty fuckers takes a piss near in full view of the world that’s when!

I had just got off a pace bus that had picked me up in Niles, IL. I was one of the

overnight supervisors at the brand new Target on Touhy ave. I don’t drive and

my virtually brand new wife was either very pregnant with our first child or she

may have already had the boy so I couldn’t just up and ask her to come and pick

me up at 7am in the morning. It took about two hours to get home and I had just

busted my hump that night because not only was the store new but the holiday

season was coming up and if you ever worked retail you know that shit is very

hectic. I was tired, my feet hurt and I knew that the fucking bus was going to

be packed and I was going to have to stand the majority of the way to the Howard

station. I got off the Pace bus and as I was in the process of making my way up

the stairs to the platform to wait on the train to stop let people off and let me

on (I did like getting on at the Howard stop because you were sure to get a seat)

a really really rough looking woman decided that she needed to use the bathroom

right now and what better place then now. The homeless woman pulled her homeless

dress up and pulled her homeless dirty panties down and took a FUCKING PISS! less

then four feet away from me! Most people were disgusted but made their way home or

work I actually looked at this homeless fucking bitch and the steaming urine that

flowed down the concrete and steel steps of the L in the cold fall morning. I can

honestly tell you that I thought for quite sometime about kicking this bitch back

down the stairs and maybe stomp her out when she landed. I looked at her nappy fucking

hair and her rags she used for warmth and thought better of it. Whatever I went

through in my life her shit must clearly have been way worst then mine and anyone who

would take a piss in front of hundreds of people had some serious mental issues. But I