Clear eyes to see

A major source of our conflicts is that humans don’t understand themselves let alone

other people. It’s irritating when I hear people say things about former lovers or spouses

like “You’ve changed” or “Your not the person I knew five years ago.” When in reality

you didn’t have the wherewithal to see this person because you saw them in “your eyes” when

you should have been looking at them with “clear eyes”. No one decides to start cheating

out of the blue. It was always part of that person and you didn’t see it because you played

a slight of hand trick on your own mind. Now you’re attached to a violent alpha male who

may kill you and your kids or you’re tied for the rest of your life to a viper of a woman

who cheated on you numerous times and the paternity of the kids you love are suspect.

We teach our kids to read and write but parents very rarely teach their kids to see the

truth and people for what they are. As an adult you know full well that so much of what

you knew as a child was a half truth or an outright lie but you teach your children,

the humans that you are most responsible for in the world, the same horrible lies that could

very well mentally and psychologically cripple them as adults. Am I suggesting that

you tell a five year old cold hard facts about rape murder and pain? Of course not

but ask yourself how many things you wish your parents or some adult in your life had

told you in your youth that would have made your life a little easier.

Tell your girls to error on the side of caution and not trust any man outside of

her dad and brothers. Before your son decides to be a patriot and join the armed forces

take him to see soldiers that have become wounded on the inside and out because of

conflicts that have very little to do with protecting the country. Makes sure that

before they vote for anyone they know who is really behind that candidate and is

their agenda for the betterment of most of us. Train them to notice the inflection

in a person’s voice so that they can understand what they said and what they really

mean. Make sure they don’t take anything to serious. Train them to enjoy what they


Random shit I wouldn’t normally say but……. it’s a slow day.

I want to tell my 17 year old son to “do” a few 2’s, 3’s and 4’s to learn how to be a good lover so that he

can have a leg up when he gets to 7’s,8’s or 9’s he knows what he is doing. Then it remembered that

really pretty girls don’t know how to fuck.

My racism only comes out during sports. If I’m watching boxing I always want the black guy to win.

I don’t care  how  out of this league the black boxer is I hope he can get off a lucky shot and knock out

the Hispanic or white guy.

I simply don’t give a fuck about being fat. It means nothing to me to die of a massive stroke or to

keel over after a especially good dinner. I don’t care if people eat their raw organic macrobiotic diet.

Regardless of what you do your and everyone one you know is going to die and for the  most of you it

is going to be full of pain or in a state of delirium.

I laugh at retarded people sometimes. I know it’s not right and the last time I did it  in front of another

person I was about seven and got the shit beat out of me for it.

The  Aborigines of Australia  are the ugliest people on the face of the earth.

My empathy zone goes as far as the people I know. That bombing in Boston upset me as far as it

preempted Revolution. Wft!

I voted for Barack Obama to see the look on all the white faces at work. I simply don’t trust any person

who runs for any office. They always have an agenda and it never seems to benefit anyone I know. But

to see  the look on all the depressed white faces was simply “filling”. You would have thought that they

caught their mate  fucking their best friend.

I actually hate when people  post how much they love their  children. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!  The vast majority

of people who aren’t sociopaths love the people they had a hand in making. Everyone assumes you love

your kids you stupid fuck!! Do you think people look at your kids and think “Your mommy / daddy

doesn’t love you” Is that what you think  as you post copious amounts of your kids pics on facebook

you simple bastard. Unless it’s my kids of course. My kids look better then your kids.