A walking accident

These are two of the few accidents I had as a child. My mother told me several times

that she didn’t think I was going to live to be an adult. Asthma or injury

was going to kill me. This the same woman who told me that I was going to have

retarded kids if I made fun of retarded people. I beat her on that one.

I may already mentioned that I got hit by a light blue caddie on my sixth birthday

while I was in an foster home. If you haven’t read that blog yet GO FUCKING DO IT

That was the first accident that could have killed me but not the last.

Dumpster boy

Years after the car incident I had an adventure in an alley that fucked me up but

good. Like every red bloodied inner city boy I enjoyed my time in the various junk

yards and alleys (It wasn’t like Fat Albert but it wasn’t that far off) My brother

Raymon,d my friends and yours truly were playing behind a bar in an back alley in

a dumpster. We were actually taking turns swinging on the handle of the dumpster,

you know good old fashion fun. When my turn came this little fucking sociopath

named Eric decided it would be a good idea to push the oversized garbage can on

my head. I can still remember that head over heel feeling and seeing my feet

in the air. Next thing I know the dumpster is on top of me and my little brother

is trying to pull it off me. I can remember thinking I’m going to die and Raymond

is going to be very sad. Ironically enough Eric’s big sister did get the dumpster

off and carry me home. I recall seeing my self being carried to my house,

my mother losing it as she sees her bloodied child, a stranger who happened to be

working in his car in front of our house race me to the hospital three blocks

away. The strangest thing to me was the entire time every thing was in blue. My

mother, the car, the doctor, my own body all in blue. I had a dislocated shoulder

and a wicked fucking scar on my right temple that is very sensitive to this day.


I was out in my yard playing with my brother and my best friend from next door and

his cousin who I kinda like ( but not really.I hate him and his grandmother). we

were dicking around in our back yard because my mother wasn’t there and we couldn’t

play outside but the back yard was ok. For reasons that are not clear to me now I was

pissed about something and I stumped my left foot directly a board filled with a bunch

of ten penny nails. The minute I put my foot down I knew I had made a big fucking

mistake. Your natural reaction is to pull your body part away from the pain which hurt

as much as putting foot on the damn thing. As I crawled for the back porch I started

shaking just a little so I started calling for an adult. Uncle crack head (who was

years away from being a crack head) graciously picked my stupid ass up and brought me

inside. When he put me down it hurt like a motherfucker and I remember trying not

cry. We I looked at the bottom of my left shoe and saw the hole and tried not to

cry. When my uncle took my shoe off and I saw blood pump out my foot I cried like

a bitch. The nail had stuck the middle of my arch and it bleed rather profusely.

I can remember aunts and uncle trying to batch me up but the wound just kept

bleeding. Time for another trip to the local hospital. The Indian doctor told

me in his broken English that I may have scrapped the artery in my left foot. My

mother almost grounded me put she felt too sorry for her limping little boy