when i want to go……. I’ll go!!!!!

Let me get this straight If I have Alzheimer’s on good days I might remember my wife, my children and

everything that made me the person who I am. On bad day I can’t remember the color red but taking

my own life is a sin because some people thousands of years ago decide all life was precious and there

for my suicide was some kind of unforgivable sin. Molesting children is an unforgivable sin, raping

women is an unforgivable. putting ketchup on a good all beef hotdog is an unforgivable sin. Wanting

to end my life before I am a husk of my former shelf is hardly a sin in my world. If I have stomach

cancer and have to have a morphine to keep me from using a sharp knife to cut out the never ending

pain gnawing of my own body slowly killing itself you mean to tell my because you don’t believe in

euthanasia I have to go on living a nightmare of nearly unimaginable torture. Then I have say fuck

you in no uncertain terms. A lot of the things that piss me off are merely pet peeves, this a

psychotic break with reality. Where the hell does anyone get off telling someone else how they

should live their final days if said person is a walking, talking, living all purpose piss and shit

box. If I need a woman or man who barely makes minimum wage to get me out of the bed, walk me to the

bathroom, help me pull my pants down to defecate and make to sure I wipe my crack properly to avoid

streaks I hope I’m cognizant enough to take sleeping pills while slashing my wrist with my head in a

oven. Your telling me that because some primitive post caveman who thought the sun moved around the

earth, dragons were waiting for you at the end of the world and who have faith in the story of a young

girl who claimed she was untouched by man yet pregnant mandated this belief in living with intolerable

pain to the masses so it must be true. I reiterate this again screw you and whatever superstitions you

adhere to. PS, this story of a virgin giving birth to a messiah is a lot older the Jesus people