The dick

From time immemorial the Dick has been the “ruler” of his environment by suppressing his

main adversary which also  happens to be his partner and lover the Pussy. The war between the

Pussy and Dick was lopsided to say the least. With the help of its secret weapons the Balls,

which exuded copious amounts of  testosterone into its erect body, the Dick won the war in

less than a generation and has until recent times controlled all aspects of the Pussy telling it

what to eat, think and what to do with its body.Even now the Dick threatens the Pussy on a

daily basis with violence and “violation”. Thus the Pussy has had to get her own Dick to protect

her. The protector Dick promising to guard His Pussy and anything that comes out of it. Old  and

rich Dick sends young and poor Dick to fight His wars and “police actions” for greed, profit and

power to sadly return to his homeland a mangled and mentally damaged Dick. Rich and

powerful  Dicks maintains its prestige and money by marrying His offspring to other rich and

powerful Dicks. Dicks form esoteric and overt organizations to ensure that knowledge and

technologies that would empower poor Dicks and Pussies are kept under wraps for decades or

forever. Dicks have used the three G’s (gold, god, and glory) as an excuse to enslave Dicks and

Pussies of other colors. Religious Dick has used force to convert native Dicks away from the

worship of their ancestors all the while promising  the native and black Dick and Pussy “While

you have a life of hardship now God will reward you in the afterlife.” Muslim Dicks still suppress

His Pussy sometimes keeping them from a basic education. Amish Dicks are known to be

abusive to His Pussy and offspring. In the past few decades a understanding   by

a few Dicks and Pussies who see the world for what it is and can see the lies perpetrated by

Dicks who want YOU dumb, scared and unorganized. These Dicks and Pussies have not only

begun to speak out against the way the world is run but have taken actions to not only change

the thought processes of themselves but their children and any who will listen. I have  one

question for the Dicks and Pussies who want to make this world right. What steps have you

taken to ensure this?