Comics tobg: why I tend to make mine marvel

If I am to be honest with myself and look at the books that have awed and inspired me

more I would have to go with Marvel. Let’s just break it down to books and characters

I enjoyed in the 80’s


Fall of the mutants Fearful symmetry secret wars

scourge of the underworld frog Thor/body armor Thor

Avengers annual 10 Xmen annual 10

Avenger mansion invaded/fight gods of Olympus

Venom Captain America annual 8 Handbook of the marvel universe deluxe edition

The punisher miniseries #1 Beta Ray Bill New Warriors

New Mutants Cloak and Dagger Typhoid Mary John Byrne run FF

Whilce Portacio’s run on the Punisher (which got me seriously collecting comics)

Ron Lim’s run on Silver Surfer vol.3 and Captain America Excalibur Armor wars

Taskmaster Blackheart Microchip etc etc I could go on


The Great Darkness saga Crisis on infinite Earths The Judas contract

Deathstroke The new Teen Titans, Nightwing A death in the family

Norm Breyfogle’s run on detective comics the killing joke Vigilante

For me Marvel has always been the best hands down winner. I will run comparisons

for the 90’s and 00’s later

comics tobg: Why comics?

Reading a comic involves all the senses except taste which is why I drink a nice beer or smoke a

Partagas whilst reading. The art of a great comic artist can be more distinctive then the style of

any movie director or painter. Any real comic book fan can recognize the art work of Jack Kirby,

John Romita jr, Alex Ross, Alan Davis, George Perez, John Byrne, Joe Quesada, Barry Windsor

Smith, Mark Texeira, and Whilce Portacio without the benefit of any cover or title pages.

How many modern day writers in any genre are better than Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis,

Mark Gruenwald, Steve Gerber, Mark Waid, Bill Willingham, Brian K Vaughan, Jeph Loeb, Mark

Millar and Neal Gaiman? It bright, shiny and fits right in your hand. It’s not just for

superheroes any more. You go as silly as you want( Milk and Cheese, Quantum and Woody) as

serious as you need (X men God loves Man Kills, Miracleman) to just fucking horrific (Crossed,

Blood and Shadows) to Indie gems (Stray Bullets,Love and Rockets,). Comics are like a Nevada

whorehouse they will have what you want and if they don’t they will find it for you. If I know

you I have at least a miniseries you will enjoy. I got my wife hooked on the Preacher, Y the

last man, and Fables for a while.

One of the hardest times I ever had was when I had to stop collecting comics for about

six months. I was just starting at Wal Mart and Stacie did not have a job yet. I am not so

obsessed that I had to think about if I should feed my child or got get my comics. The boy and

my mate would always come first but that doesn’t mean liked it one bit. I had to drive past the

comic shop everyday day to work. I was more irritable and snapped quicker then usual. I could

have gotten two or three books at a time but that would have just made it worse. Do you know

how much can change in the comic world in six months? When my brother came over with his

books I decline to read them. I needed my own books in full in my fucking hands. When the

glorious day came for me to get my books I bought a few pints of Paulaner from Stang Kelly and

a Baccarat cigar 50 ring with a dark maduro wrapper. I was drunk, a little high from smoking the

cigar too fast and in heaven having waited six months for my comics.

Some of my fondest memories are getting certain books. I bought what if series 2 # 4 second series

the day I saw Batman (89′)which was playing either the Esquire or McClurg Court. The first

comics I ordered from a comic book ad was from Mile High Comics and I brought the maxi series

Crisis on Infinite Earths. I bought the last three issues of Vigilante when I got off work early

from work.I was totally shocked when the main character blew his own head off. My brother and I were

watching The Transformers when my mother decided to be nice to us and bought us a bad of

comics and one was the first issue of Secret Wars first series. I of course have many fond

memories of many other people and places. Losing my virginity, getting into fights, spankings

from my mother, the joy of having my first job, having great lovers, meeting the woman whom I

would marry and have kids with . The family are the truly the only part I hold more dear then

my comics. Some my equal but only one surpasses.