My second language

The curse words of any language are the true words of a nation. The privileged and the poor use them

with same amount of gusto although I think the underclass have more reason to use it. Fuck, shit, bitch,

bastard, asshole, cunt, pussy, cock are in my opinion some of the truer words of the western man’s

vocabulary.Yet these words are taboo around polite society (i.e. the cowardly people that call you a bad

word behind your back) Whenever I’m around these people (in-laws) I feel as if I’m being repressed by

some archaic law written when man thought flies formed spontaneously. Of course the races and

ethnicities of the world have always used words to describe outsiders or foreigners to their customs.

Nigger, coon, porch monkey, tar baby, darkie, cracker, blue eyed devil, honky wap, dago, spic

wetback,beaner,dink,chink,gook,heeb,kraut,sand nigger,raghead,towelhead, lips,

hymie, kike, jigaboo ,mick, paddy, paki ,pikey ,pickaninny ,slope, spade ,buck ,whitey ,yid.

Would it bother the reader that most of these words I find extremely funny and most of them sprang from

me directly without the need of a Wikipedia? Get over it. Nigger has been used a lot and I wish the Klan

and other white racist organization would use something more entertaining, Tar baby is much funnier and

hasn’t been used in the past few decades(at least not in the north) Sand nigger isn’t funny but camel

jockey is. Heeb seems boring and not offensive enough but hymie reminds me of that Eddie Murphy skit

on Saturday night live funny ass shit. My own personal experience started with the powerful and true

words of American culture must have started as it has with most children at home with the ones you

love. As some children are is being brought into this world they may be hearing “shit!” and “fuck!” from

the lips of the women who gave them life. Family members at the time of my childhood joked my

mother cursed like a Puerto Rican meaning when she did curse the profanities would stream from her

mouth so quickly it was as if she was speaking Spanish. In my eyes as a child every adult in my family

used “foul” language as if it was a new found religion and they were extremely devout.Bastard, bitches,

fucks and shit were used liberally every day. The only person that I do not recall cursing in front

of my is my father.

Like most children of a young age if I could get away with a curse word without the

interference of a damn adult I would use it frequently because of its power. Adults were not the only

cockblockers in my use of the true words. Little brothers are infamous for ratting you out to mom and

dad and that little bastard brother was not different from the rest of his tattle telling ilk. A class

of my kindergarten classmates ratted me out when I said a word that I can’t readily recall shocked them.

“Adrian said a bad word!” or “I’m telling when miss so and so gets back!” I fanned the fires even more

when the words “Fuck you” pass over my lips as I tried to grab my coat and leave the classroom before

Miss so and so would get back. I didn’t make it. I did get in trouble but I don’t remember it being too

severe. Most might say my use of profanity is unnecessary and in poor taste but I say there is nothing

better than good old fashion “Fuck you!” “Kiss my black ass” springs to mind also. Pick which ever one

suits you and be glad you can say it loud before some Christian conservative (profane words to me) has

it banned.