On the redline again: will adrian abuse the homeless?


I know what you are thinking why would a person who has love and compassion for

the disenfranchised of our society hurt one of the poor untouchables. When one

of those nasty fuckers takes a piss near in full view of the world that’s when!

I had just got off a pace bus that had picked me up in Niles, IL. I was one of the

overnight supervisors at the brand new Target on Touhy ave. I don’t drive and

my virtually brand new wife was either very pregnant with our first child or she

may have already had the boy so I couldn’t just up and ask her to come and pick

me up at 7am in the morning. It took about two hours to get home and I had just

busted my hump that night because not only was the store new but the holiday

season was coming up and if you ever worked retail you know that shit is very

hectic. I was tired, my feet hurt and I knew that the fucking bus was going to

be packed and I was going to have to stand the majority of the way to the Howard

station. I got off the Pace bus and as I was in the process of making my way up

the stairs to the platform to wait on the train to stop let people off and let me

on (I did like getting on at the Howard stop because you were sure to get a seat)

a really really rough looking woman decided that she needed to use the bathroom

right now and what better place then now. The homeless woman pulled her homeless

dress up and pulled her homeless dirty panties down and took a FUCKING PISS! less

then four feet away from me! Most people were disgusted but made their way home or

work I actually looked at this homeless fucking bitch and the steaming urine that

flowed down the concrete and steel steps of the L in the cold fall morning. I can

honestly tell you that I thought for quite sometime about kicking this bitch back

down the stairs and maybe stomp her out when she landed. I looked at her nappy fucking

hair and her rags she used for warmth and thought better of it. Whatever I went

through in my life her shit must clearly have been way worst then mine and anyone who

would take a piss in front of hundreds of people had some serious mental issues. But I


Fuck you rodney king and bulls fans!

Am I sellout for being embarrassed when black people do incredibly stupid shit so the entire

world knows that about half of the American population of blacks are in fact niggas! I know

people that say it is more than fifty percent but those people don’t seem to make the

distinction between being poor and being a nigga. Everyone who is black or brown knows that if

the cops have to chase you they are bringing an ass kicking with them. Rodney King decided to

run from the lapd anyway because was high and tipsy and had some priors. The two men that

were with Rodney were arrested without incident. They didn’t catch a beat down because they

obeyed the white men with the guns and the law behind them. King showed his whole black ass

(as my mother would say) and they proceeded to taser him and bring down a hail of baton

blows on his ass rarely seen on video tape. Thank your made up god for this modern invention.

Without it he would have been just another nigger who had the misfortune of incurring the

wrath of the LAPD. You had whites and cops who said the stomping of King wasn’t really that

bad but 11 skull fractures, permanent brain damage, broken bones and teeth, kidney damage,

emotional and physical trauma say otherwise. Was King guilty? without a doubt. Did he deserve to be

beaten within a inch of his life no of course. With guilty parties on both sides why am I saying fuck

you Rodney King! BECAUSE HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. The man was born and raised in Killer

Cali. He was a criminal who had done time in jail. As a black man who had done dirt on previous

occasions he knew full well the consequences of running from the blue meanies, the piggies, the fuzz,

the thin blue line, the po po . So when mister King was being tased and beaten batons by white men

with badges even in his drunken stupor he know this would be the outcome when blacks and brown

(and whites sometimes) run from the piggies. What pissed me off about the entire Rodney King incident

is the Chicago niggas reaction to this. When the Chicago Bulls won their NBA Championship in 91′ niggas

went ape shit and started ripping up parts of the Westside in celebration of the Bulls win. In April of 92′

after the Rodney king verdict black people around this nation showed their disapproval of police

brutality by proceeding to tear shit up. Did the same people who rioted and robbed stores during the

Bulls victory see this as an excuse to get some kind of social justice and wreak some shit? Not one

smashed window, not one stolen item. I was so pissed! These niggas would riot when the Bulls won but

balked at the chance when blacks around the country were protesting for injustice. Super awesome

black people!

On the redline


In Chicago St. Pat’s is one of the biggest days for white people to get shit face drunk and

take public transportation as so to avoid arrest. Not that St. Pat day is exclusive for the

whites but let’s be honest when you say everyone is a little bit Irish on that particular

holiday the Irish did not mean the niggers, spics and chinks.

That St. Pat’s day of 94′ was of particular fun for me and Tyrone because of a rather odd

happening on the Chicago elevated trains. I don’t honestly remember why I was

on the west side of the city but as usual my partners in crimes were  my brother

Raymond or my very young uncle Tyrone and this day it was both. We had  gotten off the

number twenty nine bus at state and Chicago. Drunk revealers packed the downtown area. We

went underground to catch the redline. More drunk ass people on the platforms acting out

using the excuse of some saint driving out all of the snakes from Ireland to get wasted

The three of us entered an over crowed rail cart and tried to find some seats to puts our

asses in because the Grandville station was more then a few stops up north to my apartment

and the future wife. Tyrone and I found two seats together while Raymond found a place to rest

that about three  to four in front of us. As usual he had his headphones on to ignore the

people around him. Tyrone and I had a direct line of sight on him but he was oblivious to us.

If you have ever been of a crowded “L” you know that it sways quite a bit when it’s going fast

and you accidentally bump into all around you. That can’t be help and no one really makes a

big deal about it. About three or four stops after we were seated I noticed a odd little white

guy standing over Raymond. This creepy fucker began to purposely thrust his crotch into the

side of my brother’s face. Every time the train rocked in a way that it would naturally push this

pervert to my brother.  He  inch closer and closer to Raymond’s face and shoulder. My first

instinct was to get up and tell  what this fucker was doing. Then I realized that I would be losing

my seat if I did that and my younger brother had always been a bit of a homophobe and that made

this that much funnier. So I did the next best thing and told Tyrone that this guy was trying to put

dick and balls on Raymond’s face and shoulder. When we got off at Grandville we told him what

was going on and he was of course pissed that we didn’t tell. His rage made the situation that much


Things i still wish i could do: a not that old man’s walk down memory lane

This may well sound like a rant from an old man but I can tell you I am not even middle age yet

and this is more of a fond look back at dead tech and other such enjoyable things.

Saturday morning cartoons: Was my religion back in the days of my youth. I remember

waking up one morning sometime in the late 80’s (yeah I was a teen then so what?) I had

my cereal with a gallon of milk and the required bowl and spoon. I cut on the TV to channel two

and nothing. I move over to channel five and there is some lame crap on like Saved by the Ball. I

am nervous by the time I turn to channel seven to catch a glimpse of some sports bs. What

the hell was going on here? For the next few weeks I would actually get up Saturday mornings

to see if cartoons were on. Gone. I can roll with the punches with most things but you could at

least give me a damn warning that you were going to change your programming. Fox would

eventually have some of their own cartoons and as much as I enjoyed X men and the Tick it

was never the same after that horrible Saturday morning. Now there are networks dedicated

to cartoons but I miss the day of the Super Friends and Captain Power

Cassette tapes: When I was a teenager one of the coolest things to was to record music from

the radio to a tape. Back then I listened to mostly hip hop and some old school rock. The

modern music of the eighties for the most part seem very very gay. I have only recently just

begun to listen to 80’s rock. If you didn’t have the money to buy the Less Than Zero soundtrack

to rock to “Going back to Cali” you could just wait until it came on and press the play and record

buttons at the same time and that was it. If you could afford some new music you ran down to

your local record store and pay for it. You could even buy a single or a special import.

Someone told me places like Rose Records and Coconuts had the same music plus more and

was actually cheaper. So long over priced ghetto record hello franchised record stores with

employees who followed me around with that “this black is going to steal something” look on

their face. For the lower prices I would learn to deal with that……..a little bit. Sometimes

I would give an employee who is lurking in the shadows checking me out that nervous crack

head “I am going to steal something” look. The thing I loved the most about audio tapes was

the fact that I could make a mix tape for the girl who happened to be courting me at

that time. I could express in a song much easier the love I felt for a person then the words that

came out of my mouth.

Cheap sports tickets: Before the Bulls became World Champions tickets to their game where a

dime a dozen at the good old Chicago Stadium. You could have a great time in the

nosebleeds. People would bring their own alcohol to get smashed and talk a gang of crap about

the players and coach. It was even better when the Bulls lost. I would not want to think about

how much I have to pay to take my kids to see a game there.

Paper food stamps: If you had enough food stamps back in the day you could buy a baby.

Those small Arabs run corner store were always more than willing to barter with you when you

came in with food stamps. One of the main reasons I could never get into Islam was the way

how Arabs in the hood treated black people. Just because we had food stamps did not make

us sub human. Those Arabs were not very good representatives of the Muslim culture. On

the other hand a lot of black people who came into their stores could be rather ignorant and I

could understand the reaction.

The Super Transfer: Back in the days in Chicago you could travel the buses and trains all

Sunday with what was called a super transfer. I tried to make it a point to be out of the

house as early as I could to take advantage of that policy. If I had no money I would just

ride a train from end to end. The only thing that worried me was going into Hispanic hoods

because they had the nasty habit of starting trash with me. If I did have money it was

comics and movies all damn day .

Newsstands: What the hell happened to all the news stands in Chicago. One day in the

90’s I’m buying my comic books from a newsstand the next I have to go to a comic shop

to get my books. I would get use to this eventually I just wish people would inform me

about what ordinance you are passing that screws up my plans.

Last but not least. A dirty run sketchy downtown is felt better then a clean boring downtown.

I understand that a clean “less” dangerous downtown brings in more revenue but I had so

much more with a “run down” downtown Chicago. You would have had to see it get what I

was talking about.