The upside to being black

The chances of me getting harassed by the majority of the world is very low.

Your credit score is so bad you scarcely care.

A LOT of white women will try on a black to see what the big deal is.

You aren’t expected to go down so when you do she thinks you love her.

You can misspell a bunch of words on face book and people think your just


You can borrow money from all your white friends and never return it because

they fear a confrontation and being called a racist.

You can invent a bullshit style and no will call you on it.

Having an arrest record isn’t that bad of a thing and is great for music or athletic endeavors

No one expects you to know the answer to ANYTHING so when you do you seem smart.

You can serve people Kool aid instead of pop or beer and white people will never call you on it.

White people get really nice when there are a bunch of you

Getting shot can be a point of pride

Niggerriging can save you a lot of money.

Smoking and gambling isn’t nearly as frowned upon if your black.

No one really expects you to get married so when you do… divorce

isn’t a big surprise.