Words you can say that will make me lose all respect for you
























Too long,too costly, and certainly not fair

The vast majority of my outlooks on life are very liberal with the exception of a few. In this blog

I’ll focus on the main difference between me and some liberals. The belief in the right for state and

citizens to put down those who should not be sharing our oxygen. I do not mean every person

on death row or every person convicted of it. Killers who have irrefutable proof against them

would be dead in less than a year. A perfect example is John Wayne Gacy. It took the state of

Illinois well over ten years to give him a shot of “night night keep your but hole tight”. If you

have bodies buried in your crawl space you should be dragged from your home kicking and

screaming and beat to death with claw hammers and aluminum bats

I like to start off by saying the way we put people down is entirely too expensive. A bullet in

the head is not costly. Why not just leave them tied to stakes outside and let nature take its

course. Burying a multiple killer alive sounds cost effective to me. Victims’ families should have

the right to their pound of flesh also. If they wanted to dispatch this person themselves in

my world they would be more then welcome to beat that person within an each of their life.

I understand that some people are legally insane but I simply don’t give a fuck to be honest.

Putting a woman like Andrea Yeats in a hospital for the rest of her life seems like a slap in the

face of natural justice and her wet dead children. I would also put her husband in jail for quite

some time. He was the closest adult to her and the father of her children and he knew that

something was seriously wrong with her. He knew she had severe post partum depression with

their fourth child so why in your god’s name would you get her pregnant again. He is almost as

culpable as she is. In summary the crazy fucks get a bullet too.

Serial rapist and pedophiles for the most part can’t be reformed so why even waste time. I’ve

always been big on revenge so again the victims and or their family come into play again.

Whatever they want to do to the person would be acceptable. I not sure what would be a

fitting punishment for men who steal the innocence and trust of a child and turn them into

used goods before they reach their teens. I guess if I could promise the families a fresh rape for

the molester with an ever larger penis each week I would be comfortable.

Books, books and more books

Having a steady source of income made it easier for my to do one of the things I loved to do

most, reading. ‘”If knowledge is power there is no bad knowledge” has always been my motto

since I decided to have a motto. The best way to gain knowledge at the time in my opinion was

thru reading. Gaining new insights have always been a thrill to me. I would have to say it started

with J A Rogers and his book Sex and Race. When I got the chance I bought everything of his I

could possibly get my hands on. From Superman to Man,World’s Greatest Men of African

Descent,One Hundred Amazing Facts about the Negro: with complete shortcut to the world

history of the Negro, World’s Greatest Men and Women of African Descent, The Real Facts

about Ethiopia ,Sex and Race: Negro-Caucasian Mixing in all Ages and all Lands (3 vols.),World’s

Great Men of Color (2 vols.),Nature Knows No Color Line: research in the Negro ancestry in the

white race, Africa’s Gift to America: the Afro-American in the making and saving of the United

States with new supplement: Africa and its potentialities, “Five Negro Presidents”, a pamphlet

about African ancestry of US presidents were all read at least twice. What I truly liked about the

way he wrote contained none of the “kill the white man” venom some books and people

spouted at a very high shrill like volume. It was as professional as his education and high

intelligence allowed. While I did buy not all of these books in 91’ that is the year when I started

my “gaining some knowledge” era

On the other political fringe is a gentlemen call A. Ralph Epperson. Wikipedia says is an

American writer of conspiracy theories. He is known for his anti-Masonic opinions. Epperson is

a strong believer and educator in the Conspiratorial View of History the theory that suggests

everything that has and is happening in America is happening for a reason and is not just a

mere ‘accident’. The only book of his that I read was the Unseen Hand: the Conspiratorial View

of History. This book help me see with “global eyes” and not just one of the people of a down.

War is money and the people who control this planet don’t want you fucking with either. Years

later I had saw that a lot of his teachings were on video tape in a series call Secrets of History. It

was about 27 hours long and I enjoyed most of it with exception of his Christian views. I was an

agnostic who was leaning toward atheist at the time so his diatribe on that particular view

began to grate on my brain after 27 hours. Oddly it may have hastened me to the side of the

non angels and non demons.

Not everything that I read was comics or fringe theory, I was into speculative fiction and fantasy

too! I was part of one those book clubs which had those seven books for one dollar deal. I

picked those books by the indications that it had nudity or rough language. I had never heard of

Graham Masterton and so I had no idea what to expect when I read Master of Lies. The opening

scene is of a home invasion by a serial killer who brutally tortures a family by nailing the

husband and wife to the floor using railroad spikes in the tops of their hands and backs of their

knees and proceeds to………. I have said too much. I would just like to add the book ended with

a confrontation between a man and a fallen angel and no it’s not Satan. I have read books by

Masterton before and after the publication of Master of Lies and I like quite a few but that

book holds a special place in my heart. A very dark place in my heart.

The Art of War and the Prince are two books on how to get power and maintain it. Since I was

on the kill whitey kick I decided to get the Art of War by Sun Wu. In general life is a series of

strategies at work, home or in the bedroom and one must be prepared. I honestly think this is a

book you can give your child in high school and hopefully by the time they are out of college

they will have read some of the chapters gained some insights. Every few years I find myself

reading a chapter or two. It keeps one sharp. I did read eventually read The Prince and I was not


Behold a Pale Horse was one of those books that attracted me the moment I saw the cover.

This was the book that got me started on my never ending journey into the realms of

conspiracy theories (I had read BAPH before the Unseen Hand) Milton William Cooper linked

the US government with ufo cover ups. He wrote about the moon landing, the new world order

(Bilderberg,Illuminati) and hijacking of the presidency by said order. BAPH tied everything

together and made you believe that we were getting fucked on all levels. In this book I was

introduced to the protocols of the elders of Zion. Even the man’s death seems like a

conspiracy. But again I found this man’s faith in God and Jesus off putting.

I picked up Secret Societies and Subversives Movements simply because of the title of the book.

Turns out Nesta Webster was a old school Jew hater and believed that protocols of the elders of

Zion were true she even had Churchill quote some of her theories on the French Revolution.

Her book was somewhat interesting but it was kind of dated.

The Isis papers by Frances Cress Welsing posed that ” that white people are the genetically

defective descendants of albino mutants” of dark people who may have been driven out of the

motherland for being freaks and that the reason whites are so aggressive is that they can so

easily lose their pure whiteness by mating with the darker races and have the overriding urge to

protect their whiteness. Is this not what skin heads believe also? I am amazed how people

literally from polar opposites think in the same wave length . It would be an insult to place her

silliness in the same category as JA Rogers. How many whites did she interview and

psychoanalyze before she came up with this shit. It is a funny read though.

I read Forbidden Knowledge: the Gap in Vision before I read the Real Story: the Gap in Conflict

so I was kind of at a loss with the storyline. But you could get the jest of the plot from the inner

dialogue of the main character Morn Hyland. The story is long and complex as you would

expect a five book storyline to be. I had heard of Stephen R. Donaldson due to the The

Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever (which I have not read) but I had no idea this

space saga would be better than 2001: a space Odyssey (my opinion of course). I could see

most of the events actually happening somewhere in the far future. Zone implants, Gap

sickness, force grown babies, and weldings all seem very possible.

Books like DOPE, INC and The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality? and many others

caught my attention. I could write more but you get the point that I like “odd” books rights?

Me? Paranoid?

The early 90’s is about the time I got into conspiracies. It may have started with the movie JFK and

The Big Book of Conspiracies but it branched into other books and people very quickly. I read

Dope inc a book written by the EIR which is basically part of the Larouche Movement. The book

said that the Queen of England is the head of a worldwide drug dealing organization. It sounds

silly at first until you read your history pertaining to the British and the opium trade in China

then you realize that it may be farfetched but not that farfetched. Behind every great fortune is

a great crime. I also read The Ugly Truth about the ADL. It was kind of lop sided but interesting.

I even bought their paper for a while but eventually they pissed me off with the constant

begging for donations so I stopped . Stacie informed me that my name would be on a

list of political malcontents. My reaction was that of glee at the thought.

I was going down the rabbit hole as far as I could without acting and looking like a kook. Ralph

Epperson who wrote The Unseen Hand did a video series called the Secrets of History in which he

laid out how things really happened as opposed to what history books and governments informed

you of. The video were good but every time he mentioned how the bad guys were secular humanist

and you needed to trust in god and the bible really put a bad taste in my mouth. I was Agnostic

at the time and these tapes were having the opposite effect. It seemed to me that religion was

keeping mankind stupid and unevolved much more then science or a man who thought all of

mankind was his brother and sister regardless of how he worshipped or who she screwed. The

people on top may be pagans or satanists or see science as a new religion but I don’t

think the average atheist or humanist was.

Crossfire by Jim Marrs was great . Wilson Bryan Key wrote a few books on how he believed

subliminal messages were pervasive in advertising sending us images of sex and death in

a wide variety of ads from salad dressing to whiskeys ads in men magazines. Throw that

in with Phillip K Dick and Robert Anton Wilson and you have a guy that has the tendency

to over analyze stuff. Like almost everything in my life I absorb all the information

related to conspiracies and I pick and choose what makes logical sense to me. Was

there a conspiracy involved in the killing of JFK? I would say yes because Oswald

could not have done the shooting. Does the moon have cities full of scientist and powerful

people (alternative 3.) Who gives a fuck?

They most important thing I have gotten from conspiracies is that it’s very important to

read between the lines and gather as many facts as you can before you make up your mind

about an event,a group, or a person. I plan on instilling those freethinking ideas in

my children.


The list of Adrianisms has no particular order and is ever expanding. They are to be used for

everyday use and making life changing moves. They apply to men and women. They were

formed through fuck ups, common sense, and understanding not from wisdom. Humans are

not evolved enough to be wise and yes that includes you grandparents and my grandmother.

Real men don’t really dance. Leave it to the gay men and ladies who love it

You have no rights, sorry. If it was a right no one could take it away with a new law

The Constitution is a corporate contract and only applies to white wealthy land owners so the laws does not apply to anyone of color and all women.

The English are better actors then Americans

There is no reason to circumcise any male babies. The cult like brutality can be eliminated by showing boys how to wash their foreskins.

Leave the gays alone. The world will not collapse if two men snuggle and spoon

There is no god, Jesus never existed and most Republicans are racist.

Public Enemy is the best hip hop group so far. Who am I kidding hip hop as gone to shit. PE IS THE BEST BAND EVER!!!

No one under the age of forty should be allowed to get high. You have done nothing substantial to warrant you getting high when your 19.

There is no such thing as bisexuals. You are just a gay person who is just willing to do it to the opposite sex if the same sex is not around.

You are a bad wife if you can’t give your husband oral sex on you anniversary, valentine’s day, and his birthday. If he is that bad leave him.

There should be some testing involved with breeding. Some of you don’t have the emotional and mental capacity to raise normal people.

Linda Carter was the hottest woman of the 70’s

Conspiracies that seem to make sense: 9/11, JFK,MLK. and of course my personal conspiracy to have my kids think freely

Your pets are just that. They are not your children.

Keep tabs with what your kids are doing. You don’t want to be the parents of a kid who went on the latest rampage

Adults with no criminal records should be allowed to carry concealed weapons nationwide.

Find other ways to help a cause then giving them money.

Insurance and bottled water is as big a scam as religion

BET,MTV, VH1 and Bravo are the worst networks today.

Families should be allowed to punish the people of have killed your loved ones by any way they choose.

Education of up to a bachelor’s degree should be free to all who want it .

Hard core prisoners should truly try to be reformed or killed. Why waste time on so many jails

Cut the crap and make marijuana legal and tax the hell out of it. It is not a slippery slope.

I agree with feminist views up until the point they want to castrate me.

Men have virtually no will power when it comes to sex.

double standards usually make sense. (I know but this are my beliefs so……..)

For the most part the music of the 70’s and 90’s was better than the music of the 80’s and now

If horror and violence make your children do bad things they were screwed in the head way before they watched Saw or played God of war

Try not to lie to your mate if it is humanly possible. It will always come and bite you in the ass. trust me

The only people screwed more than African Slaves in America is the so called Native Americans.

If god existed and religion wasn’t made by man there would be only one view of god and only one source of information on him

No one will ever have it right but science will get closer then religion.

any man caught having sex with his daughter should be publically stone or die the death of a thousand cuts.

I don’t really like others people’s kids but I blame the parents for making ugly children who don’t behave.

Try not to hate the white man too much black man. Without the help of some white men African slaves would have been in chains a lot longer. Not all white are prejudice.

Not all blacks steal white store employee. You are following Tyrone while Ricky Wayne is robbing you blind. Not all of them want your woman.

Scaring old white women when you can get them alone can be stress relieving

Never move in with a woman unless both your names are on the lease

Halloween is the best slasher movie ever. There were a few before it and many after but none equal it.

America should back out of the middle east (which really is just Africa) and leave those people to their own devices

Fur is murder to a certain point and I could be a vegan if steak didn’t taste so good

My Situation Ethics is what I practice. Example: If I am broke and I don’t know and some money falls out of your pocket and you fail to notice it’s mine. If I am not strapped for cash I will be more than happy to notify you of the cash you dropped.

White women who have the same emotional baggage as a black woman are easier to date.

If the Aryans are so tough why don’t they take on the street gangs of LA and show us what white power can do?

Back to Africa? have you seen that place? Black on black crimes with machetes and rape as a weapon. Good luck with that.

the playstation 3 is better than the Xbox 360. Sorry Noah but it’s the truth.

Too many black comedians sound the same.

America has never been a melting pot. race and ethnic cultures stick together in small communities i.e. Little Italy.

Thundercats is the best cartoons of the 80’s

Villains in cartoons and movie almost always have better costumes

I am not a patriot. The concept is just another way to keep humans divided. Your proud to be an American? good for you. I can only be glad to be an American

I am a slave. You are a slave. Everyone you know is a slave. Want to be free? don’t bother it would be too much work.

Wolverine is the most overrated character in comics today. How come no one hasn’t shot out his heart? No healing factor can fix that.

Make prostitution legal. You could give quite a few woman job who would just otherwise give it anyway. I would be safer then working the streets and you could eliminate the pimp/predator going after underage girls.

America could stop illegal drugs from coming into this country if they wanted. We have enough advanced satellites can map every square inch of the world but we can’t stop a few boats and planes from crossing our borders. I simply do not believe it.

Osama Bin Laden was long dead. He was just used as a boogey man to keep us in fear.

Despite his critics Stephen King is one of the best American writers ever

When Kurt Cobain sang he would rather be dead then cool he really meant that shit.

Hollywood has had so many remakes as of late. Are they scared of new ideas or is there safety in rehashing?

Why do we care what celebrities do on their down time? As long as they aren’t eating babies and selling crack who cares how much Matt Damon paid for his 12 bedroom house.

Black people please use proper English when you speak. There is no “k” in shrimps

Whites should only be allowed to say the n word if they are married to a black person at the time they are saying the n word or if they have biracial children.

The Disney channel is a pedophile’s wet dream

Why can’t Fox News come out the closet and admit that they are not fair and balanced

when the police tell you do something don’t be stupid….. just fucking do!