Pc bull shit or the day I woke up African-American

On one day in my early teens I got up washed my hands, face and feet, brushed my gum holes and set

out to school. After school I either hung out with my friends or went straight home to do my home

work. Dinner was made by someone and I ate it. Knowing how I was at that age I’d probably spanked it

before I went to bed. That night I went to bed as a young black man living in America. That morning I

woke up an African American. What happened in that time span to change who I knew I was for

fourteen / fifteen years to an African American.

Some black and white liberals I’m sure (bet my man marbles Jesse Jackson had something to do with it

too) decide blacks in America needed a new name to separate themselves from the rest of the country.

The dark skin, big lips and nose not enough huh? How come no one told me we were having a vote on

this? No one told anyone I knew about the name change either and would have liked to have had a say.

How about the EX SLAVES? AFRO-NUBIANS would have been pretty damn cool. The Blackacons sounds

futuristic. For better or worse and in all honesty mostly better I am a black American.

“African American” to me is a divisive word. My ancestors have been in this country for quite some time

helping to build this nation and some asshole comes along and decides to put African in front of my

American. African American does not take away the sting of the word nigger, not even close. African

American separates black from the rest of American. We all come from African so is it ok if I call one of a

white friends African German American? That sounds stupid to me and using the word African American

describe descendants of formers slaves in America sounds unnecessary and just plain pc bullshit. When

you see me in the store and you remove your hand bag from the shopping cart to tightly under your arm

do you say “Gee that African American was scary” or “Damn that black guy scared the hell out of me!”