People to keep at an arms length


Why would you trust the best liars in the world? Up to ten percent of women lie about

the parentage of their children. At first glance that seems low but when you think that

out of a hundred people ten of those may not know who their daddy really is. When Chris

Rock said “men tell the most lies but women tell the biggest lies.” is was the truth. When

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle spoke through Sherlock Holmes about how “Women are never to be

entirely trusted” it was the truth. There isn’t one women over the age of thirty who hasn’t

done something that would be contrary to their personality they saw you (fuck a total stranger,

slap one of her kids in a fit of rage, steal money) and justify it with their skewed logic. The

young ,socially inept or just plain dumb man doesn’t get that women aren’t playing

by the same rules as you are. Unbelievably men are slightly (maybe more then slightly) worse.


Of course you don’t have to curse as much as I do. I acknowledge that I spew foul words

like a sailor born in a prison but I simply can’t trust a grown man or woman who doesn’t

drop the f bomb or even a lame ass “dammit” on occasion. Any adult who has seen how shitty

and unfair this world can be without screaming a curse word to their fake god is a warped

individual who in all probability does really fucked up things to himself or other

people behind closed doors. Adults who don’t curse are way more fucked up then the rest of



You think that because we have a president who is a mixy that racism is done? How stupid

can you fucking be? The Tea Party just happened to be formed around the same time that half

and half got into office. Does that seem like racism is done? I still get those “that nigger

is going to steal something” look when I go into stores WITH my white wife and WITH my three

children. If you think one mixy,who only reached out to blacks to get voted in and left

like a first wife of a movie star as soon as he hits it big, is going to change the minds

of the average racists you are as stupid as i think you are.


Your kidding right? You do realize that the main reason you are a christ lover is that black

slaves were brought over here and made property. your white god is a god of slavery, misery

and pain. it boogles my fucking mind that blacks still cling to their white sky daddy and his

mini avatar. I have seen so called black christians do so much dirty to simply have their sins

wash away with fake repents. What I hate most of all is the lack of ownership of the shit they

do. The devil didn’t make you steal from the church you did. A demon didn’t make you fuck your

brother in law you did

nigga’s vs black people

Let me first start off by saying if you make less than one hundred and fifty thousand a year( and I don’t

count doing a ungodly amount of over time) you are what I call a socio economic nigger. Don’t be

ashamed if you are most of the people I know are. It just means in the eyes of conservative republicans

you don’t make enough to be treated like a human and your children are cannon fodder for wars we

have no business being in (sorry that diatribe is for another chapter)

The black people versus nigga debate has been done but this is my owned slanted view. Most black

aren’t going to like me writing this down and letting the world know our major problem in black

America are niggas plain and simple. It is my contention that fifty percent of the black people living in

America today are……….Niggas. When I say nigga I don’t mean poor people. Flavor flav, half the black

sports stars, most of the rap stars you see on Mtv (I said rap not hip hop there is a difference) are for the

most part niggas. A poor black man or woman who will steal food or commit a small crime to get their family

thru another day. a nigga will take what is not his to buy a new pair of Nikes. A nigga will deal drugs to

live the life he sees on tv or listens to on some gangsta rap bull shit. A smart black will deal drugs to

accumulate wealth so that his children and grandchildren never have to dirty their hands. That black

person is leaving a legacy just like a Kennedy. The nigga goes to jail never the be with his family. I grew

poor as hell and I have done “nigga moves” on three or four time occasions tops. When it comes down

you are a nigga if you want to be. In conclusion, Michael Vick a rich nigga who couldn’t leave the ghetto

behind. Oprah Winfrey, well you now her story. Black people GOOD niggas BAD.

While I’m at it screw you OJ Simpson. You kill two white people and don’t have the common sense to stay

out of the lime light. That’s a dumb nigga move if I ever seen one. Did you think they would forget you

killed your white ex wife and her Jewish boyfriend and think it was safe to come out and play again?

Really? Robert Blake had his wife killed and you haven’t seen one hair on his wife killing head. OJ

Simpson = nigga

My second language

The curse words of any language are the true words of a nation. The privileged and the poor use them

with same amount of gusto although I think the underclass have more reason to use it. Fuck, shit, bitch,

bastard, asshole, cunt, pussy, cock are in my opinion some of the truer words of the western man’s

vocabulary.Yet these words are taboo around polite society (i.e. the cowardly people that call you a bad

word behind your back) Whenever I’m around these people (in-laws) I feel as if I’m being repressed by

some archaic law written when man thought flies formed spontaneously. Of course the races and

ethnicities of the world have always used words to describe outsiders or foreigners to their customs.

Nigger, coon, porch monkey, tar baby, darkie, cracker, blue eyed devil, honky wap, dago, spic

wetback,beaner,dink,chink,gook,heeb,kraut,sand nigger,raghead,towelhead, lips,

hymie, kike, jigaboo ,mick, paddy, paki ,pikey ,pickaninny ,slope, spade ,buck ,whitey ,yid.

Would it bother the reader that most of these words I find extremely funny and most of them sprang from

me directly without the need of a Wikipedia? Get over it. Nigger has been used a lot and I wish the Klan

and other white racist organization would use something more entertaining, Tar baby is much funnier and

hasn’t been used in the past few decades(at least not in the north) Sand nigger isn’t funny but camel

jockey is. Heeb seems boring and not offensive enough but hymie reminds me of that Eddie Murphy skit

on Saturday night live funny ass shit. My own personal experience started with the powerful and true

words of American culture must have started as it has with most children at home with the ones you

love. As some children are is being brought into this world they may be hearing “shit!” and “fuck!” from

the lips of the women who gave them life. Family members at the time of my childhood joked my

mother cursed like a Puerto Rican meaning when she did curse the profanities would stream from her

mouth so quickly it was as if she was speaking Spanish. In my eyes as a child every adult in my family

used “foul” language as if it was a new found religion and they were extremely devout.Bastard, bitches,

fucks and shit were used liberally every day. The only person that I do not recall cursing in front

of my is my father.

Like most children of a young age if I could get away with a curse word without the

interference of a damn adult I would use it frequently because of its power. Adults were not the only

cockblockers in my use of the true words. Little brothers are infamous for ratting you out to mom and

dad and that little bastard brother was not different from the rest of his tattle telling ilk. A class

of my kindergarten classmates ratted me out when I said a word that I can’t readily recall shocked them.

“Adrian said a bad word!” or “I’m telling when miss so and so gets back!” I fanned the fires even more

when the words “Fuck you” pass over my lips as I tried to grab my coat and leave the classroom before

Miss so and so would get back. I didn’t make it. I did get in trouble but I don’t remember it being too

severe. Most might say my use of profanity is unnecessary and in poor taste but I say there is nothing

better than good old fashion “Fuck you!” “Kiss my black ass” springs to mind also. Pick which ever one

suits you and be glad you can say it loud before some Christian conservative (profane words to me) has

it banned.

Why blacks are not good pet owners (yeah I said it)

I can honestly tell you I do have a fondness for animal but not a love.I would put the life

of virtually any human over any animal on any given day. With that being said I really

hate to see any animal abused. I think black people treat animals the way blacks

have been treated in America. A pet you can look at and admire until you get tired of it

then you kicked it out of your house far away in its own little run down area sometimes

even chained and boxed in it’s own house until you need something from it or wish to play

with it again. A prime example is the dog my grandfather had when we stayed with him.

He keep the dog on a virtual starvation diet keeping the animal in a constant emaciated

state. The dog was fairly young but it was as skinny and wizened as my grandfather himself.

Everyone would inquiry about the animal wanting to know if it was ill or dying.

My mother ok’d me having a puppy when we moved to 16th and Kominsky and I found a lab

mix within days of her saying yes. I was happy as a pig in shit for having a dog after having to

get rid of the cat when we got evicted. I got him Saturday afternoon and by Monday afternoon

that puppy was as stiff as drywall. When we first moved in we had a small rat problem so my

mother laid down some posion for the bastards. The one two punch of the poison and rat traps

worked very well and within two weeks no rats or their droppings. Unfortunately my mother

and I neglected to remove any remaining poison from the apartment. That puppy never had a


Eventually we got a cat who we never named (why name something who is never going to

come to you) That cat had kittens and we kept one of those after the rest ran away. Those

animals were infested with fleas. You could see the bugs roam on the skin of the cats like it was

cars moving thru traffic. Although we feed the cat she would get her own food sometimes. She

would have been better of sticking with the cat food. I came home and little brother was

standing on the couch. He told me the cat was acting very funny and foaming at the mouth. The

rat poison at first came to mind I thought to myself at first but that had been well over a year

ago and I had checked the entire house for more. I saw the cat and it was acting pretty normal

to me. About forty minutes later however the cat was meowing at the top of her lungs and

litterally flipping off of the damn walls. Little brother and I ran to my mother’s room and

slammed the door behind us. We had never seen any animal act like that and I was scared as

hell. In the living room and kitchen you could hear the cat meow and throw itself against

whatever was in its’ way. A few hours later there was knock at the door. I’m not sure who got

but there must have been a lull in the cat craziness because one of us answered it. Big brother

had picked the wrong night to come and crash. About a minute after he walked in the cat

climbed two thirds of the way up the wall. what was especially weird about that is the cat didn’t

seem to use its’ paws. The fucking thing was taken over by an evil spirit and climbed up the

wall like a demon, that’s what it looked like anyway. Again we all headed for the safety of my

mother’s room. There we stayed like three little bitches for the rest of the night. We all came

out about five thirty to find the cat dead in the kitchen. Near the cat was a vomited half

digested rat. We had known that the very nasty restaurant behind us had been laying down

poison to kill rats so the health inspector would let them open so they could continue you to kill

with rib tips and lard. The very unlucky cat must have scavenged the rat and paid the price.

Niggas not warning people about them laying poison got a cat killed and screwed up perfectly

good night.


The list of Adrianisms has no particular order and is ever expanding. They are to be used for

everyday use and making life changing moves. They apply to men and women. They were

formed through fuck ups, common sense, and understanding not from wisdom. Humans are

not evolved enough to be wise and yes that includes you grandparents and my grandmother.

Real men don’t really dance. Leave it to the gay men and ladies who love it

You have no rights, sorry. If it was a right no one could take it away with a new law

The Constitution is a corporate contract and only applies to white wealthy land owners so the laws does not apply to anyone of color and all women.

The English are better actors then Americans

There is no reason to circumcise any male babies. The cult like brutality can be eliminated by showing boys how to wash their foreskins.

Leave the gays alone. The world will not collapse if two men snuggle and spoon

There is no god, Jesus never existed and most Republicans are racist.

Public Enemy is the best hip hop group so far. Who am I kidding hip hop as gone to shit. PE IS THE BEST BAND EVER!!!

No one under the age of forty should be allowed to get high. You have done nothing substantial to warrant you getting high when your 19.

There is no such thing as bisexuals. You are just a gay person who is just willing to do it to the opposite sex if the same sex is not around.

You are a bad wife if you can’t give your husband oral sex on you anniversary, valentine’s day, and his birthday. If he is that bad leave him.

There should be some testing involved with breeding. Some of you don’t have the emotional and mental capacity to raise normal people.

Linda Carter was the hottest woman of the 70’s

Conspiracies that seem to make sense: 9/11, JFK,MLK. and of course my personal conspiracy to have my kids think freely

Your pets are just that. They are not your children.

Keep tabs with what your kids are doing. You don’t want to be the parents of a kid who went on the latest rampage

Adults with no criminal records should be allowed to carry concealed weapons nationwide.

Find other ways to help a cause then giving them money.

Insurance and bottled water is as big a scam as religion

BET,MTV, VH1 and Bravo are the worst networks today.

Families should be allowed to punish the people of have killed your loved ones by any way they choose.

Education of up to a bachelor’s degree should be free to all who want it .

Hard core prisoners should truly try to be reformed or killed. Why waste time on so many jails

Cut the crap and make marijuana legal and tax the hell out of it. It is not a slippery slope.

I agree with feminist views up until the point they want to castrate me.

Men have virtually no will power when it comes to sex.

double standards usually make sense. (I know but this are my beliefs so……..)

For the most part the music of the 70’s and 90’s was better than the music of the 80’s and now

If horror and violence make your children do bad things they were screwed in the head way before they watched Saw or played God of war

Try not to lie to your mate if it is humanly possible. It will always come and bite you in the ass. trust me

The only people screwed more than African Slaves in America is the so called Native Americans.

If god existed and religion wasn’t made by man there would be only one view of god and only one source of information on him

No one will ever have it right but science will get closer then religion.

any man caught having sex with his daughter should be publically stone or die the death of a thousand cuts.

I don’t really like others people’s kids but I blame the parents for making ugly children who don’t behave.

Try not to hate the white man too much black man. Without the help of some white men African slaves would have been in chains a lot longer. Not all white are prejudice.

Not all blacks steal white store employee. You are following Tyrone while Ricky Wayne is robbing you blind. Not all of them want your woman.

Scaring old white women when you can get them alone can be stress relieving

Never move in with a woman unless both your names are on the lease

Halloween is the best slasher movie ever. There were a few before it and many after but none equal it.

America should back out of the middle east (which really is just Africa) and leave those people to their own devices

Fur is murder to a certain point and I could be a vegan if steak didn’t taste so good

My Situation Ethics is what I practice. Example: If I am broke and I don’t know and some money falls out of your pocket and you fail to notice it’s mine. If I am not strapped for cash I will be more than happy to notify you of the cash you dropped.

White women who have the same emotional baggage as a black woman are easier to date.

If the Aryans are so tough why don’t they take on the street gangs of LA and show us what white power can do?

Back to Africa? have you seen that place? Black on black crimes with machetes and rape as a weapon. Good luck with that.

the playstation 3 is better than the Xbox 360. Sorry Noah but it’s the truth.

Too many black comedians sound the same.

America has never been a melting pot. race and ethnic cultures stick together in small communities i.e. Little Italy.

Thundercats is the best cartoons of the 80’s

Villains in cartoons and movie almost always have better costumes

I am not a patriot. The concept is just another way to keep humans divided. Your proud to be an American? good for you. I can only be glad to be an American

I am a slave. You are a slave. Everyone you know is a slave. Want to be free? don’t bother it would be too much work.

Wolverine is the most overrated character in comics today. How come no one hasn’t shot out his heart? No healing factor can fix that.

Make prostitution legal. You could give quite a few woman job who would just otherwise give it anyway. I would be safer then working the streets and you could eliminate the pimp/predator going after underage girls.

America could stop illegal drugs from coming into this country if they wanted. We have enough advanced satellites can map every square inch of the world but we can’t stop a few boats and planes from crossing our borders. I simply do not believe it.

Osama Bin Laden was long dead. He was just used as a boogey man to keep us in fear.

Despite his critics Stephen King is one of the best American writers ever

When Kurt Cobain sang he would rather be dead then cool he really meant that shit.

Hollywood has had so many remakes as of late. Are they scared of new ideas or is there safety in rehashing?

Why do we care what celebrities do on their down time? As long as they aren’t eating babies and selling crack who cares how much Matt Damon paid for his 12 bedroom house.

Black people please use proper English when you speak. There is no “k” in shrimps

Whites should only be allowed to say the n word if they are married to a black person at the time they are saying the n word or if they have biracial children.

The Disney channel is a pedophile’s wet dream

Why can’t Fox News come out the closet and admit that they are not fair and balanced

when the police tell you do something don’t be stupid….. just fucking do!

Questions white people have asked me over the years and my response:


Why are their universities for blacks only and Miss Black America? If white people had those Miss White America or white only universities black people would be up in arms screaming racism:

Usually asked by white men around my age who were not alive when black women were not

allow entrance into the Miss America pageant until the nineteen seventies. Very few blacks

were allowed to attend major colleges or universities for years and blacks again for

some .unknown reason blacks felt they needed to educate their own people


Why do black people come in so many different shades?

This was asked by a fellow grocery store worker around the age of eighteen or so, my


Rape of black slave women. what else could it be?



And of the most often asked question why can blacks call each other nigger but if a white

guy says you want to kick his ass?

Well first of all Mr. White man I for one have never called a black man a nigger because if I

did I would probably get me in a fight with him. Nigga is a term black people use with other

blacks they are familiar with. If I walked up to a black man and just called him nigga he in all

likelihood would not be happy about being called that. But the answer to that question is very

simple BECAUSE WE CAN YOU WHITE MOTHERFUCKER. Sorry that came out the wrong

way, what I mean to say is blacks have used the  word our former slave masters used to

denigrate his property and with some sense of self loathing assigned it to ourselves mostly

because I think most blacks still feel like second class Americans and as soon as blacks and

the rest of America begin to treat their fellow citizens in the same amount of respect you

should give every man woman and child we  can stop using the word Nigga (remember

blacks we don’t call each other nigger)


Do all black men have big dicks?

Having no desire to see every black dick I wouldn’t know, but my nickname is horse thief


One white guy I work with informed me that all black men can sing. How come no one told


All jokes aside if any person outside of my race asked me a legitimate question about black

people or black culture in America I wound tell them as much as I can on the subject (I am

kind of an expert on it) But when some asshole comes up to me and asked why do black

people love fried chicken and watermelon so much?  You can expect and answer like

because they complement each other


although sometimes I have the urge to say

why do white men feel the need to subjugate the races of the world including your women and pollute mother