That is what you get !!

The eighth grade graduation is pretty big in the poor urban communities because a lot of the

times that is the only graduation you will have. Before the graduation you of course have a

dinner that takes place a few weeks before. It is more of a prom for children where you get to

dress up, dance and have fun. My mother scrapped some money together and took me to Jew

town (yes, I said Jew Town) to get some formal clothes for the dinner and graduation. Back in

the day when I got something fresh I would look at it in my closet or drape it across a bed and

admire it. Apparently Older brother coveted my clothes also because that motherfucker wore

the outfit that I was going to were to the dinner before I ever got a chance to rock it. Things

like that you never forget because an asshole has fucked up your plans with callous disregard. The

motherfucker just sported my clothes and took a big dump in my face for what? He was dating

some ugly chicken head and he wanted to impress her. I was pissed but not enough to fight so I

did the next best thing, I told my mother. She talked to him but nothing came of it. But I got the

last laugh on him. That ugly chicken head gave birth to three of his kids and became a bane to

his existence and he avoided legal jobs for the majority of his adult life as to not pay child

support. So even though the bastard neglected to even wash my clothes after he wore them I

like to think those same clothes cursed him. Did I mention I was a petty man?