People to keep at an arms length


Why would you trust the best liars in the world? Up to ten percent of women lie about

the parentage of their children. At first glance that seems low but when you think that

out of a hundred people ten of those may not know who their daddy really is. When Chris

Rock said “men tell the most lies but women tell the biggest lies.” is was the truth. When

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle spoke through Sherlock Holmes about how “Women are never to be

entirely trusted” it was the truth. There isn’t one women over the age of thirty who hasn’t

done something that would be contrary to their personality they saw you (fuck a total stranger,

slap one of her kids in a fit of rage, steal money) and justify it with their skewed logic. The

young ,socially inept or just plain dumb man doesn’t get that women aren’t playing

by the same rules as you are. Unbelievably men are slightly (maybe more then slightly) worse.


Of course you don’t have to curse as much as I do. I acknowledge that I spew foul words

like a sailor born in a prison but I simply can’t trust a grown man or woman who doesn’t

drop the f bomb or even a lame ass “dammit” on occasion. Any adult who has seen how shitty

and unfair this world can be without screaming a curse word to their fake god is a warped

individual who in all probability does really fucked up things to himself or other

people behind closed doors. Adults who don’t curse are way more fucked up then the rest of



You think that because we have a president who is a mixy that racism is done? How stupid

can you fucking be? The Tea Party just happened to be formed around the same time that half

and half got into office. Does that seem like racism is done? I still get those “that nigger

is going to steal something” look when I go into stores WITH my white wife and WITH my three

children. If you think one mixy,who only reached out to blacks to get voted in and left

like a first wife of a movie star as soon as he hits it big, is going to change the minds

of the average racists you are as stupid as i think you are.


Your kidding right? You do realize that the main reason you are a christ lover is that black

slaves were brought over here and made property. your white god is a god of slavery, misery

and pain. it boogles my fucking mind that blacks still cling to their white sky daddy and his

mini avatar. I have seen so called black christians do so much dirty to simply have their sins

wash away with fake repents. What I hate most of all is the lack of ownership of the shit they

do. The devil didn’t make you steal from the church you did. A demon didn’t make you fuck your

brother in law you did

The upside to being black

The chances of me getting harassed by the majority of the world is very low.

Your credit score is so bad you scarcely care.

A LOT of white women will try on a black to see what the big deal is.

You aren’t expected to go down so when you do she thinks you love her.

You can misspell a bunch of words on face book and people think your just


You can borrow money from all your white friends and never return it because

they fear a confrontation and being called a racist.

You can invent a bullshit style and no will call you on it.

Having an arrest record isn’t that bad of a thing and is great for music or athletic endeavors

No one expects you to know the answer to ANYTHING so when you do you seem smart.

You can serve people Kool aid instead of pop or beer and white people will never call you on it.

White people get really nice when there are a bunch of you

Getting shot can be a point of pride

Niggerriging can save you a lot of money.

Smoking and gambling isn’t nearly as frowned upon if your black.

No one really expects you to get married so when you do… divorce

isn’t a big surprise.

Making your way in chicago

I’m sure if I told you this yet but I came from a poor family. Not dirt floors wood burning stove West

Virginia shoeless but poor nevertheless. I went to Catholic school but momma must

have gotten some kind of discount for being poor Christians or something because I can tell any journey

I made back in the day started with my family and I getting on a bus or “L” and by an early age I knew

the transit system like the back of my hand not only to get my younger brother and myself but to go to

places I deemed fun. Unfortunately when you use these forms of transportation you are at the whim of

the individuals who are moving you along the sitting and a captured audience for any asshole who

wishes to have fun with you. If a bus driver wanted to grab something to eat at his favorite restaurant

was on this particular route you’re just going to have wait for the driver to put in an order and get their

food. I can think of several occasions of this happening. On my way home from ST. Malachi on the

Western ave bus a crazy bum got on. I call him crazy because he was talking incoherently and he pissed

his pants while seated on the bus so crazy old fuck is an apt term. He did this in one of the front seats so

the bus driver noticed this and proceeded to curse him out for pissing on her bus in that seat. So as a

courtesy he wipe the seat of piss with one strong swipe of his hand. The lady sitting directly across from

him seemed a little upset by that. The two times my mother had her purse snatched was while she was

waiting on a bus or getting on a bus. The kid of took her purse while she was waiting on the bus actually

had a conversation with her and as she got on the bus he grabbed it from her and run. Another time she

was with a “friend” (That is code for black women which means “I am fucking this guy right now until he

gets serious or something else better comes along”) with some other useless bastard ran off with her

purse. The funny part of this story is that the purse got no money. From time immemorial my mother

has keep her money in her left tit. If you take her purse the only parting gifts you will receive is lip stick,

gum, some coins and pictures of her boys. Queer shit always seem to happen on the bus or train I was

on. My mother was taking little brother and myself to a movie when cops jumped on a bus with their

guns pointed at some older Mexican guy inside and outside the bus. I never found out what he did but it

must have been something big time to endanger a bus full innocent passengers then again they were

only mostly blacks and a few brown people. There have been times were I have actually been ashamed to

be black on a bus. Snatching gold chains was an events I had seen my share of. As a person was getting

off a bus he would grab the chain of his victim. On this one occasion a Mexican woman was on the

Pulaski ave bus going southbound and the bus was letting off passengers at the stop to board the blue

line train when some big nigga grabbed her chain. Unfortunately, the gold didn’t come off very easily

and he had to yank it really hard again so it would come off. The sad part is other niggas on the bus

(mostly women) said “She should know better than to get on a bus with gold on her neck. she should

have tucked that shit in” and some just laughed at her.

Fuck you rodney king and bulls fans!

Am I sellout for being embarrassed when black people do incredibly stupid shit so the entire

world knows that about half of the American population of blacks are in fact niggas! I know

people that say it is more than fifty percent but those people don’t seem to make the

distinction between being poor and being a nigga. Everyone who is black or brown knows that if

the cops have to chase you they are bringing an ass kicking with them. Rodney King decided to

run from the lapd anyway because was high and tipsy and had some priors. The two men that

were with Rodney were arrested without incident. They didn’t catch a beat down because they

obeyed the white men with the guns and the law behind them. King showed his whole black ass

(as my mother would say) and they proceeded to taser him and bring down a hail of baton

blows on his ass rarely seen on video tape. Thank your made up god for this modern invention.

Without it he would have been just another nigger who had the misfortune of incurring the

wrath of the LAPD. You had whites and cops who said the stomping of King wasn’t really that

bad but 11 skull fractures, permanent brain damage, broken bones and teeth, kidney damage,

emotional and physical trauma say otherwise. Was King guilty? without a doubt. Did he deserve to be

beaten within a inch of his life no of course. With guilty parties on both sides why am I saying fuck

you Rodney King! BECAUSE HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. The man was born and raised in Killer

Cali. He was a criminal who had done time in jail. As a black man who had done dirt on previous

occasions he knew full well the consequences of running from the blue meanies, the piggies, the fuzz,

the thin blue line, the po po . So when mister King was being tased and beaten batons by white men

with badges even in his drunken stupor he know this would be the outcome when blacks and brown

(and whites sometimes) run from the piggies. What pissed me off about the entire Rodney King incident

is the Chicago niggas reaction to this. When the Chicago Bulls won their NBA Championship in 91′ niggas

went ape shit and started ripping up parts of the Westside in celebration of the Bulls win. In April of 92′

after the Rodney king verdict black people around this nation showed their disapproval of police

brutality by proceeding to tear shit up. Did the same people who rioted and robbed stores during the

Bulls victory see this as an excuse to get some kind of social justice and wreak some shit? Not one

smashed window, not one stolen item. I was so pissed! These niggas would riot when the Bulls won but

balked at the chance when blacks around the country were protesting for injustice. Super awesome

black people!

Books, books and more books

Having a steady source of income made it easier for my to do one of the things I loved to do

most, reading. ‘”If knowledge is power there is no bad knowledge” has always been my motto

since I decided to have a motto. The best way to gain knowledge at the time in my opinion was

thru reading. Gaining new insights have always been a thrill to me. I would have to say it started

with J A Rogers and his book Sex and Race. When I got the chance I bought everything of his I

could possibly get my hands on. From Superman to Man,World’s Greatest Men of African

Descent,One Hundred Amazing Facts about the Negro: with complete shortcut to the world

history of the Negro, World’s Greatest Men and Women of African Descent, The Real Facts

about Ethiopia ,Sex and Race: Negro-Caucasian Mixing in all Ages and all Lands (3 vols.),World’s

Great Men of Color (2 vols.),Nature Knows No Color Line: research in the Negro ancestry in the

white race, Africa’s Gift to America: the Afro-American in the making and saving of the United

States with new supplement: Africa and its potentialities, “Five Negro Presidents”, a pamphlet

about African ancestry of US presidents were all read at least twice. What I truly liked about the

way he wrote contained none of the “kill the white man” venom some books and people

spouted at a very high shrill like volume. It was as professional as his education and high

intelligence allowed. While I did buy not all of these books in 91’ that is the year when I started

my “gaining some knowledge” era

On the other political fringe is a gentlemen call A. Ralph Epperson. Wikipedia says is an

American writer of conspiracy theories. He is known for his anti-Masonic opinions. Epperson is

a strong believer and educator in the Conspiratorial View of History the theory that suggests

everything that has and is happening in America is happening for a reason and is not just a

mere ‘accident’. The only book of his that I read was the Unseen Hand: the Conspiratorial View

of History. This book help me see with “global eyes” and not just one of the people of a down.

War is money and the people who control this planet don’t want you fucking with either. Years

later I had saw that a lot of his teachings were on video tape in a series call Secrets of History. It

was about 27 hours long and I enjoyed most of it with exception of his Christian views. I was an

agnostic who was leaning toward atheist at the time so his diatribe on that particular view

began to grate on my brain after 27 hours. Oddly it may have hastened me to the side of the

non angels and non demons.

Not everything that I read was comics or fringe theory, I was into speculative fiction and fantasy

too! I was part of one those book clubs which had those seven books for one dollar deal. I

picked those books by the indications that it had nudity or rough language. I had never heard of

Graham Masterton and so I had no idea what to expect when I read Master of Lies. The opening

scene is of a home invasion by a serial killer who brutally tortures a family by nailing the

husband and wife to the floor using railroad spikes in the tops of their hands and backs of their

knees and proceeds to………. I have said too much. I would just like to add the book ended with

a confrontation between a man and a fallen angel and no it’s not Satan. I have read books by

Masterton before and after the publication of Master of Lies and I like quite a few but that

book holds a special place in my heart. A very dark place in my heart.

The Art of War and the Prince are two books on how to get power and maintain it. Since I was

on the kill whitey kick I decided to get the Art of War by Sun Wu. In general life is a series of

strategies at work, home or in the bedroom and one must be prepared. I honestly think this is a

book you can give your child in high school and hopefully by the time they are out of college

they will have read some of the chapters gained some insights. Every few years I find myself

reading a chapter or two. It keeps one sharp. I did read eventually read The Prince and I was not


Behold a Pale Horse was one of those books that attracted me the moment I saw the cover.

This was the book that got me started on my never ending journey into the realms of

conspiracy theories (I had read BAPH before the Unseen Hand) Milton William Cooper linked

the US government with ufo cover ups. He wrote about the moon landing, the new world order

(Bilderberg,Illuminati) and hijacking of the presidency by said order. BAPH tied everything

together and made you believe that we were getting fucked on all levels. In this book I was

introduced to the protocols of the elders of Zion. Even the man’s death seems like a

conspiracy. But again I found this man’s faith in God and Jesus off putting.

I picked up Secret Societies and Subversives Movements simply because of the title of the book.

Turns out Nesta Webster was a old school Jew hater and believed that protocols of the elders of

Zion were true she even had Churchill quote some of her theories on the French Revolution.

Her book was somewhat interesting but it was kind of dated.

The Isis papers by Frances Cress Welsing posed that ” that white people are the genetically

defective descendants of albino mutants” of dark people who may have been driven out of the

motherland for being freaks and that the reason whites are so aggressive is that they can so

easily lose their pure whiteness by mating with the darker races and have the overriding urge to

protect their whiteness. Is this not what skin heads believe also? I am amazed how people

literally from polar opposites think in the same wave length . It would be an insult to place her

silliness in the same category as JA Rogers. How many whites did she interview and

psychoanalyze before she came up with this shit. It is a funny read though.

I read Forbidden Knowledge: the Gap in Vision before I read the Real Story: the Gap in Conflict

so I was kind of at a loss with the storyline. But you could get the jest of the plot from the inner

dialogue of the main character Morn Hyland. The story is long and complex as you would

expect a five book storyline to be. I had heard of Stephen R. Donaldson due to the The

Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever (which I have not read) but I had no idea this

space saga would be better than 2001: a space Odyssey (my opinion of course). I could see

most of the events actually happening somewhere in the far future. Zone implants, Gap

sickness, force grown babies, and weldings all seem very possible.

Books like DOPE, INC and The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality? and many others

caught my attention. I could write more but you get the point that I like “odd” books rights?

Questions black people have asked me

First of all I have a blog call “Questions white people have asked me?” so don’t think
I’m picking on you black people.


you’re right angry black woman who doesn’t know anything about me except you see my white
wife and three beige kids so clearly I hate my mother with a passion to the point were
I go find a white girl to show my mother how I much distain I have for her. It’s a shame my
plan didn’t work and my wife and mother love and respect each other and that my mother
lives with me and my mixed rainbow family. As far as marrying a white woman to control
you clearly don’t know the wife.


some nigga actually said that to me at a worksite. I looked at him for about ten seconds
and laughed in his face. I didn’t have any other way to respond to that question. I
guess if I was a Muslim he would have offered me a slab of pork ribs and a bottle of
Night Train.


sorry ignorant niggas of the world that my mother thought it was a good idea to send me to a
catholic school for my grade school years. I’m sorry that I use good diction when I talk
to people. I’m sorry I don’t have a different way to speak to black when it’s just “us”


What I should say is that rock start from white guys trying to be like black blues men
and people like Little Richard and super freak like Chuck Berry. Without those guys
there would be no Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Cream or Led Zeppelin. I could tell them
that but niggas don’t like learning so………

That is what you get !!

The eighth grade graduation is pretty big in the poor urban communities because a lot of the

times that is the only graduation you will have. Before the graduation you of course have a

dinner that takes place a few weeks before. It is more of a prom for children where you get to

dress up, dance and have fun. My mother scrapped some money together and took me to Jew

town (yes, I said Jew Town) to get some formal clothes for the dinner and graduation. Back in

the day when I got something fresh I would look at it in my closet or drape it across a bed and

admire it. Apparently Older brother coveted my clothes also because that motherfucker wore

the outfit that I was going to were to the dinner before I ever got a chance to rock it. Things

like that you never forget because an asshole has fucked up your plans with callous disregard. The

motherfucker just sported my clothes and took a big dump in my face for what? He was dating

some ugly chicken head and he wanted to impress her. I was pissed but not enough to fight so I

did the next best thing, I told my mother. She talked to him but nothing came of it. But I got the

last laugh on him. That ugly chicken head gave birth to three of his kids and became a bane to

his existence and he avoided legal jobs for the majority of his adult life as to not pay child

support. So even though the bastard neglected to even wash my clothes after he wore them I

like to think those same clothes cursed him. Did I mention I was a petty man?