I like beer. To the rot gut to my standby to the sublime. I don’t start drink beer

until I moved in with my future wife. The first beer I had was a MILLER LITE and I

had to eat sunflower seeds to kill the taste. My taste buds have been refined quite

a bit in twenty years and most like beers may as well be yellow water. As long as there

are new beers made I will try then. This list of beers is by any means complete. My guess

this is a third of the beers I have had.

Most BUDWEISER products: Piss water that gives me a headache.

With MICHELOB being the exception

COORS LITE, MILLER LITE, BUD LITE taste nearly the same

PAULANER SALVATOR: If I believed in a god I would say he made this beer

STELLA ARTOIS: not bad. the after taste is good


HEINEKEN: makes my farts smell like I eat zombie flesh

URBOCK 23: I had this beer in one of those bars that have 99 beers. This beer

was so strong (9.6 % ) I drank two and switch back to regular beer or I would

have run the risk of getting drunk in two hours. awesome.

SOL: not bad

TECATE: my standby Mexican

CORONA: If I need to add lime and salt to drink it why would I by it?

RED STRIPE: FUCK YOU JAMACA. stick to weed and rum

312 URBAN WHEAT: Don’t really know what it means but it is from Chicago and

it’s pretty damn good.


LOWENBRAU: bad farts

BECKS: bad farts

ZIMA: I actually liked it

OLD ENGLISH 800: fuck you


MILLER GENUINE DRAFT: I have had worse

TEQUIZA: my main grip is that it was so week

SAM ADAM’S: nothing to write home about

BLUE MOON: very good

ROLLING ROCK: is/was very good

HONEY BROWN: not bad

GEORGE KILLIAN’S IRISH RED: this is the only beer that I

ever liked and it just stop tasting good.


SAPPORO: 3 out of 5

TSINGTAO: if I wanted a cat to piss in my mouth I would own a cat

GUINNESS: nope!!