Suddenly I see

4 thoughts on “Suddenly I see

      • I think the feeling of beauty, or at least a component of it, may be viewed as a feeling of success in the process of discovering order. If the structure you perceive (visually or autitory) is too ordered, you will soon not be able to discover more order, it becomes boring. If it is too chaotic, you will not be able to discover order again, it becomes confusing. Between these two poles, there is an area of structures that enable us to discover some order again and again. The perceptual process then produces a special feeling of reward and I think that is essentially what beauty is (or at least a part of it, as long as content, i.e. a semiotic component, like in representational art, does not come in).
        So the most beautiful structures should have a good mixture of order and disorder, not too boring and monotonous and not too chaotic and confusing. If you overlay the small scale structures with some large scale order, I think the mixture of the two (order and disorder) becomes better. This could be an interesting direction for you to move into.

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