Fuck you rodney king and bulls fans!

Am I sellout for being embarrassed when black people do incredibly stupid shit so the entire

world knows that about half of the American population of blacks are in fact niggas! I know

people that say it is more than fifty percent but those people don’t seem to make the

distinction between being poor and being a nigga. Everyone who is black or brown knows that if

the cops have to chase you they are bringing an ass kicking with them. Rodney King decided to

run from the lapd anyway because was high and tipsy and had some priors. The two men that

were with Rodney were arrested without incident. They didn’t catch a beat down because they

obeyed the white men with the guns and the law behind them. King showed his whole black ass

(as my mother would say) and they proceeded to taser him and bring down a hail of baton

blows on his ass rarely seen on video tape. Thank your made up god for this modern invention.

Without it he would have been just another nigger who had the misfortune of incurring the

wrath of the LAPD. You had whites and cops who said the stomping of King wasn’t really that

bad but 11 skull fractures, permanent brain damage, broken bones and teeth, kidney damage,

emotional and physical trauma say otherwise. Was King guilty? without a doubt. Did he deserve to be

beaten within a inch of his life no of course. With guilty parties on both sides why am I saying fuck

you Rodney King! BECAUSE HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. The man was born and raised in Killer

Cali. He was a criminal who had done time in jail. As a black man who had done dirt on previous

occasions he knew full well the consequences of running from the blue meanies, the piggies, the fuzz,

the thin blue line, the po po . So when mister King was being tased and beaten batons by white men

with badges even in his drunken stupor he know this would be the outcome when blacks and brown

(and whites sometimes) run from the piggies. What pissed me off about the entire Rodney King incident

is the Chicago niggas reaction to this. When the Chicago Bulls won their NBA Championship in 91′ niggas

went ape shit and started ripping up parts of the Westside in celebration of the Bulls win. In April of 92′

after the Rodney king verdict black people around this nation showed their disapproval of police

brutality by proceeding to tear shit up. Did the same people who rioted and robbed stores during the

Bulls victory see this as an excuse to get some kind of social justice and wreak some shit? Not one

smashed window, not one stolen item. I was so pissed! These niggas would riot when the Bulls won but

balked at the chance when blacks around the country were protesting for injustice. Super awesome

black people!

One thought on “Fuck you rodney king and bulls fans!

  1. Hey I really liked your post. I do not watch the news so believe it or not; I just learned more about the rodney king incident than i ever knew.
    I thought your points were valid. It is shitty that people think the way they do, but they do. Great post man I really did enjoy it.

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