Adriantobg comics: my first punisher t shirt, war of the gods, armageddon 2001, x men, x force and the infinity gauntlet

From the moment I read the first Punisher story I knew this was a character that seem to make

sense to me. Up until then Daredevil and Batman were a tie for my favorite comic book

persona. Frank Castle was a vigilante that was grounded in reality. He could exist in the real

world. A Vietnam vet who had his family killed by gangsters and wages a war on all criminals. I

am sure there are quite a few people who would be more than happy to put motherfuckers to

task. Writers like Mike Baron and Garth Ennis help take Frank Castle to another level then just a

minor Spiderman character. The moment I saw that punisher skull t shirt at the newsstand I got

my comic books at the time I knew I had to have that. But I had come there to buy comics and

not a awesome punisher death skull t shirt. I was on a limited income so the death skull had to

wait for two whole weeks for me get her. The day I bought that punisher death skull t shirt was

a great day in my comic book history. I treat that T like it was a hundred dollar designer shirt. I

took it to the cleaners whenever it got dirty. That death skull made me feel stronger when I had

it close to my skin. It actually put me in a different state of mind.

The early 90’s were a great time for the comics. You had great artist and great writers creating

great things. Thanos, the mad titan in love with death who himself had been brought to life in

the pages of Silver Surfer by the great Ron Lim and the demigod Jim Starlin, became God

with the use of the Infinity Gauntlet. All the hero’s of earth were no match for him and were

batted away like gnats. The various cosmic powered being received the same brutal treatment

as the Avengers, Fantastic Four and the various costumed superman of earth. The Infinity

Gauntlet also brought back Adam Warlock (who stole the Gauntlet) ,Gamora, and Pip the Troll.

Armageddon 2001 was a storyline that took place across all of the DC comics annuals that year.

One hero in the near future would destroy all other super beings and become a evil dictator

known as Monarch. A new time travelling character known as Waverider ventured into the past

to find out which hero would turn bad and try to stop him or her. The concept was great but

when they revealed which hero turned evil it was a huge let down. I wanted someone big.

War of the Gods started with powerful sorcerous Circe manipulating the gods into waging war

against each other so that she could kill the earth goddess Gaea. Captain Marvel under the

infulence of the Roman gods gets into a huge fight with Wonder Woman who is preventing him

from killing the Greek Gods. The art by George Perez was just awesome.

The most popular comic at the time were the X Men . Jim Lee was the artist of that era. Nobody

was as good as Jim Lee. He drew the Uncanny X Men at the time and Marvel decided that the

book was so popular “Why not make another book just called X Men? better yet why not make

several covers for the book with same story inside. And to top it off we will make a deluxe

edition that will have all the covers together!” My brother and I were fanboys at the time and

fell for that shit hook line and sinker. I am not sure if X Force came out before or after X Men

but they had a similar marketing ploy. Same comic, poly bagged, with like five different cards!

WOW! This may not have been the first mass produced but the trend for gimmicks in comics

was just around the corner. By the by Wikipedia informs me that X force came out first followed

by X Men.

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