First to blame, first to praise are

your parents in general mommy in particular. When you watch the super bowl, world series, NBA final,

Stanley cup, or whatever they call the champion of Nascar who is the first person they that mention?

Mommy of course who else is there? Even when some movie star is getting an Oscar for playing

a retarded person in some indie movie is thanking his or her parents they really mean “Thank You

Mom!” If some person wins some award and forgets to thank dad he is not going to have

his feelings hurt, dad if after all a man. Mommy would not feel the same. She would consider this a

slight and although she would never mention it she would always remember. Praise is essential to the

female psyche and it is twofold for the woman who gave you birth. I would pay to see the look on the

face of a single mother who raised her boy and his siblings struggling thru hard times to become the first

man to land on Mars and he neglects to acknowledge his mother with even a “Hi mom” That would be

something to behold. Let’s be honest there is no way a man or woman forget to thank the person who is

the foundation of all human life. Mommy is God, protector, healer and toy giver.

With that being said when a person has had a hard life and things have not quite worked out for an

individual one of the first things they recognized is there crappy childhood. If your mother wasn’t there

to protect you when Uncle Joe stayed with you and visited your room nightly for three weeks who gets

the blame? Who do you look at as the person who has doomed you into working mind numbing

degrading fast food, the customer abuse of retail or the repetitive reality of a factory job? If you’re a

drug addict who’s pleasuring men for ten bucks a pop in some abandoned flop house you may tend to

look back at the defining moments in your life and you remember mommy being drunk all the time and

bringing home strange men.

Is it mommy and daddy’s fault your life in fantastic beyond anything you could have imagined or terrible

to the point where suicide seem like a sweet relief. The answer is yes and no. Yes your formative years

are exceedingly important in how you deal with the trial and tribulations that life throws your way. A

loving caring mommy’s don’t have children who grow up to be serial killers. Gacy, Dahmer ,Bundy and

Kemper all were raised by morally questionable mothers. Gary Ridgeway’s mother would dress like a

hooker around the house. On the other hand if your parents (mommy) raised you with a modicum of

love and caring they can at the very least raise a person who is a beneficial member of society or

maybe just maybe you can have your name mentioned on national TV and shout “HI MOM!”.

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