Me? Paranoid?

The early 90’s is about the time I got into conspiracies. It may have started with the movie JFK and

The Big Book of Conspiracies but it branched into other books and people very quickly. I read

Dope inc a book written by the EIR which is basically part of the Larouche Movement. The book

said that the Queen of England is the head of a worldwide drug dealing organization. It sounds

silly at first until you read your history pertaining to the British and the opium trade in China

then you realize that it may be farfetched but not that farfetched. Behind every great fortune is

a great crime. I also read The Ugly Truth about the ADL. It was kind of lop sided but interesting.

I even bought their paper for a while but eventually they pissed me off with the constant

begging for donations so I stopped . Stacie informed me that my name would be on a

list of political malcontents. My reaction was that of glee at the thought.

I was going down the rabbit hole as far as I could without acting and looking like a kook. Ralph

Epperson who wrote The Unseen Hand did a video series called the Secrets of History in which he

laid out how things really happened as opposed to what history books and governments informed

you of. The video were good but every time he mentioned how the bad guys were secular humanist

and you needed to trust in god and the bible really put a bad taste in my mouth. I was Agnostic

at the time and these tapes were having the opposite effect. It seemed to me that religion was

keeping mankind stupid and unevolved much more then science or a man who thought all of

mankind was his brother and sister regardless of how he worshipped or who she screwed. The

people on top may be pagans or satanists or see science as a new religion but I don’t

think the average atheist or humanist was.

Crossfire by Jim Marrs was great . Wilson Bryan Key wrote a few books on how he believed

subliminal messages were pervasive in advertising sending us images of sex and death in

a wide variety of ads from salad dressing to whiskeys ads in men magazines. Throw that

in with Phillip K Dick and Robert Anton Wilson and you have a guy that has the tendency

to over analyze stuff. Like almost everything in my life I absorb all the information

related to conspiracies and I pick and choose what makes logical sense to me. Was

there a conspiracy involved in the killing of JFK? I would say yes because Oswald

could not have done the shooting. Does the moon have cities full of scientist and powerful

people (alternative 3.) Who gives a fuck?

They most important thing I have gotten from conspiracies is that it’s very important to

read between the lines and gather as many facts as you can before you make up your mind

about an event,a group, or a person. I plan on instilling those freethinking ideas in

my children.

One thought on “Me? Paranoid?

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