Last day of normal (very short zombie story)

The first time I saw a zombie eating someone my mind almost tricked me into thinking it was something

else. I had seen those people do their “zombie walks” on YouTube and newscasts. I’ve seen a flash mob

at the Millennium Park with my own eyes. I’m not big on dancing or singing in public but for live free

performance art it wasn’t too bad and the wife and kids got a kick out of it. I was at the Barnes and

Nobles by Movies 10 when I thought I was going to see my first zombie walk. Holy shit! I thought to

myself Joliet is moving up. But where the hell were they going to go? Other than movies and books

there was just the jewelry and party shop in this mall. That was slim pickings considering it was a

Tuesday afternoon in early May. There were only about eight or nine of them but what they lacked in

Numbers they made up in realizism. They were more convincing then the pasty white make up and red

lipstick zombies I viewed on channel seven a few months ago. Still in my parked car with the

key in the ignition I could see from two cars away that the gore on the mouth of these “zombies”

dripped from chins to ankles. One of the female “zombies” (an older woman from the looks of it)

held a leash around it’s wrist with what seemed like the remains of a poodle with its stomach and

guts ripped from the body. A part of me smiled because I thought that the first person who wasn’t

paying attention was going to get his or her scare quota for the rest of the year. A rather tall black man

who appeared to be talking to himself (Bluetooth) hurried past them before most of them could get

their “zombie” hands moving in his direction and three hadn’t noticed him at all. This is when things

began to go south in my mind. If this was performance art why didn’t all the living dead rise to the

occasion and put their cold dead hands in the air? I thought the purpose of this little gathering was to

scare the shit out of people. The next person to walk past was an older woman who was small in height

but plumb all around. As she waddled past the zombie dragging the poodle made a gasping/hissing

sound which brought the zombies who had their hands raised to the black man who was far from their

grasp almost snapped to attention. The “zombie” next to poodle lady was naked form the waist down.

This young male “zombie” kept himself in shape. Even with the makeup that made its body look

discolored you could still see the definition in his muscles. The older lady was reaching in her bag to

have a look at the newly purchased book when she tried to walk past muscles and poodle lady

“zombie”. They pulled her to them. Poodle lady bite in her arm with ym zombie sinking his teeth into

the top of her fore head. I could not see the damaged done by poodle lady’s bite because the older

woman had a light jacket over the red blouse she wore. The forehead bite from muscle “zombie” was

very evident. I have banged my head or more than one occasion and I knew a head wound would bleed

very badly. That is when I realized that this was fucking real. In my mind there was a greater chance of a

real zombie outbreak then a bunch of part time actors having the skill to pull off special effects like

this. Obviously the older woman would have had to have blood packs and the face and body drenched

in blood was clearly an indication that this was not her doing. Other zombies began to grabbing

whatever body part of her they could and she was dragged to the ground. I was seeing a woman being

eaten alive and two prevailing thoughts loomed at the forefront of my conscious. That my daughter was

going to be pissed that I don’t pick up that Monster High book she wanted and that I really should get

the fuck out of here. Nothing good is going to come out of zombies eating people at Barnes and Noble.

As I pulled out of my parking spot another loyal customer, a woman, was pulling up. I could see she had

small children in the back seat. As much as I am a every man or family for himself in a crisis I have

never been that much of asshole to let a poor woman and her kids get eaten without so much as a

warning. I pulled back into my parking spot, rolled my window down, and waved to her.

“I know this sounds crazy but a woman has just been killed and eaten in front of the store. I’m pretty

sure it’s real. You should go home.” With that I drove to my house to decide what to do next.


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