COMICS TOBG: The best comic mini series no one has ever read

In the fall of 90′ I came a across a miniseries for a minor Marvel character known as the

Foolkiller. There had been two previous Foolkillers unrelated to Kurt Gerhardt the man who

would become the third Foolkiller. It started with Gerhardt’s father being beat to death by a

bunch of skinheads for six dollars. They show the false teeth being kicked out of the old man

head. Everything begins to spiral down from there. The company he works for downsizes and

he gets laid off. After months and months of looking for a job he is past the breaking point and

is severely depressed . His marriage is over and the only thing he wants out of it is the computer

and his clothes. He moves into a rundown apartment building and is hired at a pseudo

McDonald’s slinging burgers. During a robbery Gerhardt loses it and attacks one of the robbers

while screaming “six dollars!” and has his ass handed to him for this.

While watching a Morton Downey jr. knock off talking to the second Foolkiller from a mental

institution and becomes intrigued. They use a computer bulletin board to have conversations.

As they are kindred spirits the second Foolkiller tells Gerhardt to get in contact with a

associate of his by the name of Merle Singer who the second Foolkiller “help” after her

boyfriend threw acid in her face. She gives him a extra costume and the purification gun.

As he leaves he is confronted by skin heads who try to rob him. The Purification Gun

turns them into ashes and they become his first victims. He over comes the sickness he

feels at watching the skin heads die and dons the costume and proceeds to turn a number of

filth and criminals to freeze dried shit until he runs into a hardcore criminal known as

Backhand and gets his ass kicked and barely escapes with his life.

After this confrontation he realizes he needs to toughen himself for the job he is about to

do. After working out and doing various things to harden his body and mind he dons a costume

made by himself and proceeds to “purify” a gang of youths attacking women in Central Park. I

will not tell you anymore about this miniseries because I would love for you to go out a buy or

order one of the best written stories in comics ever. I am sure you could buy the entire series

for five bucks or less. There are a number of reasons why this book never became popular.

There were no superheroes in this comic, the adults themes may have put younger viewers off,

Marvel did a shit job promoting this book, and last but not least the artwork was not very good.

Being a writer the story is always more important than the art work but you need that to draw

people in. This miniseries is as good a story as Watchman or the Dark Knight Returns with a

more realistic story line. This could be such a awesome movie. That and Blood and Shadows by

Joe R Lansdale.

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