Not only are we being thumbed down but the masses seem to be enjoying it.

If your kids know ringtones and dance moves before their alphabets your are part of problem

and you need your ass kicked for helping to thumb down America. If you can’t function without

your phone and can’t figure out what to do with your hands you need to be slapped for not

taking part in humanity’s true social system, face to face talking.

Why is cool for you to have more face book friends then people you have actually meet and said

hi to. If I wasn’t a atheist I would say Satan created reality tv. The vast majority of the

people on these shows are horrible people. The Bad Girls Club has evil bitches putting toilet

water in another girls vodka. This show has been on for five or six seasons. If I could back

into in time and smother Flava Flav with a pillow in his crib I would. How can you monkeys

watch that show for more than ten minutes without your eyes bleeding. Before you think I

am some kind of neo con let me express my love of mindless humor. The three stooges, three

company, Sanford and son, the greatest American hero, the Jefferson’s, and even more

recently south park and tosh.o have been for the most part mindless humor you can veg out

to and forget you are a drone in a cog of a cold sterile company.

When someone decided to make dumb shit like Duck Dynasty the norm is what makes me want to

vomit. Is this what the landscape of television will be like forever? Empty people with

empty dialogue and silly issues is what has replaced drama, comedy and everything

in between. If you watched Jersey Shore I hope you get cancer of the eyeballs and rectum. You

enjoy that cancer.

Yes I know you like dick and fart jokes so do I but they should by no means

be the standard. These people are fucking train wreaks and I think by watching these sub humans

you seem to be enjoying so much has to be lowering your brain functions. Look, I am not telling

you to watch PBS the rest of your life but these shows are a insult to your intelligence and deep

down you know it.

Libraries still exist and the books are free. Do yourself and any kids you may

have a favor and go get a book. It doesn’t have to be Pride and Prejudice start with something

like World War Z or The Road. There are so many books for kids these day you can go deep and

meaningful or just plain silly. Judy Blume, Capt. Underpants, The Giver, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a

Wrinkle in Time. So cut off Basketball Wives and smack the playstation or wii U controller from

the hands of your little monkeys and put a book in it. It is your job to broaden their horizons

right? I can promise you it is not in Call of Duty Black Ops unless you want your son semi

trained on the use of weapons so it will be easier for him to shoot brown people in other

countries or just maybe to round us up if that is what his orders are.

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