TOBG Comics: Fearful Symmetry/Kraven’s last Hunt

Back in 87′ I was a year from collecting comics seriously but I was still consumed them every chance

I got and honestly a lot of the times my decsion to buy a comic would be based on how the

cover looked. The Amazing Spiderman 294# cover by Mike Zeck who did the art for the

Punisher mini series looked fucking awesome. Kraven with gun and spear in hand with

Spiderman in the background waiting to pounce on him really drew my attention. Like most

comics then and now what was on the cover had nothing to do with the contents of the book.

In this case it was actually better!

An insane Kraven had drugged the Spiderman, buried him alive and taken over the role of

the newly married Spiderman. Kraven /spiderman proceeded to beat the living shit out of

any bad guy he crossed and even killed one. Kraven /spider manage to

even beat a minor villian Vermin spidey could not defeat on his own who had been eating

people around New York. To top all of this Kraven having succeded where spiderman could not

(catching and beating Vermin) puts a shotgun to his head and pulls the trigger. I was fucking

blown away by that story and gave that comic to every kid and adult who would read it. Now

that is story telling.

Go get the trade paper back somewhere and match that storyline up to any

crappy sitcom or reality tv today.

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