Questions white people have asked me over the years and my response:


Why are their universities for blacks only and Miss Black America? If white people had those Miss White America or white only universities black people would be up in arms screaming racism:

Usually asked by white men around my age who were not alive when black women were not

allow entrance into the Miss America pageant until the nineteen seventies. Very few blacks

were allowed to attend major colleges or universities for years and blacks again for

some .unknown reason blacks felt they needed to educate their own people


Why do black people come in so many different shades?

This was asked by a fellow grocery store worker around the age of eighteen or so, my


Rape of black slave women. what else could it be?



And of the most often asked question why can blacks call each other nigger but if a white

guy says you want to kick his ass?

Well first of all Mr. White man I for one have never called a black man a nigger because if I

did I would probably get me in a fight with him. Nigga is a term black people use with other

blacks they are familiar with. If I walked up to a black man and just called him nigga he in all

likelihood would not be happy about being called that. But the answer to that question is very

simple BECAUSE WE CAN YOU WHITE MOTHERFUCKER. Sorry that came out the wrong

way, what I mean to say is blacks have used the  word our former slave masters used to

denigrate his property and with some sense of self loathing assigned it to ourselves mostly

because I think most blacks still feel like second class Americans and as soon as blacks and

the rest of America begin to treat their fellow citizens in the same amount of respect you

should give every man woman and child we  can stop using the word Nigga (remember

blacks we don’t call each other nigger)


Do all black men have big dicks?

Having no desire to see every black dick I wouldn’t know, but my nickname is horse thief


One white guy I work with informed me that all black men can sing. How come no one told


All jokes aside if any person outside of my race asked me a legitimate question about black

people or black culture in America I wound tell them as much as I can on the subject (I am

kind of an expert on it) But when some asshole comes up to me and asked why do black

people love fried chicken and watermelon so much?  You can expect and answer like

because they complement each other


although sometimes I have the urge to say

why do white men feel the need to subjugate the races of the world including your women and pollute mother



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